Recruiters & Companies

Build Your Brand

 Building your brand is an important part of your relationship with Darden. Many of our companies participate in some or all of the following activities:

On-Grounds Recruiting

Your presence on-Grounds creates an impact and is an important part of building your brand. See our suggested recruiting events, which includes briefings, networking nights, office hours and sponsorship of First Coffee.

Targeted Events

In addition to the typical events, many companies choose to conduct events targeted to specific student populations or clubs. Examples of some events include: industry/functional workshops, résumé reviews, dinner at local restaurants for a targeted club such as Graduate Women in Business (GWIB) and “poker night” with the consulting club.

These events may be hosted at Darden or at a local venue. Please contact your ERM for a list of local venues and to check dates for potential calendar conflicts.

Connect with Student Clubs

Darden students are actively engaged in student affinity and career-related clubs. Our directory of club officers provides you with contact information for direct access to club leaders. Most clubs organize industry or functional conferences and workshops for students. Companies engage with clubs in a variety of ways including:

  • Participating in club conferences as speakers and panelists
  • Financially supporting club events
  • Offering career-related workshops
  • Hosting students on job treks or company visits
  • Conducting/sponsoring case competition

There are two ways to effectively advertise your company at Darden.

  1. Darden students publish a bimonthly newspaper called the Cold Call Chronicle (CCC) that nearly all members of the community read. You can advertise your company, your recruiting needs and/or your events in the CCC and be sure of broad exposure. Contact Sonali Kripalani, of the Cold Call Chronicle, for details.
  2. The CDC can also distribute electronic flyers to all students or to a targeted group. Speak to your ERM for further information.

Support School-wide Events

First Coffee

A few select companies partner with Darden to sponsor high-impact school-wide events. Examples include orientation, picnics, admitted-students events and diversity events.

Contact us for more information.


Corporate Partnership

 Our Corporate Partners Program provides companies an opportunity to support the educational mission of the school and allows these companies to:

  • Increase corporate visibility at Darden
  • Access Darden’s top talent
  • Gain a competitive edge in recruiting

Contact Casey Floyd to learn more.

Speaking Opportunities

To address students, faculty and staff directly, consider one of Darden’s many speaking opportunities, such as our Leadership Speaker Series, participating as a guest speaker of a class or club industry conference.

 Contact our corporate relations team for more information.

Leveraging Alumni and Interns

The most successful recruiting companies leverage their employees that are Darden alumni by sending them to Grounds for many of the events mentioned. Our alumni are passionate about supporting your efforts.

In addition, we strongly encourage companies to create a summer internship program and then use that summer intern to support your full-time, second-year recruiting efforts.

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