Recruiters & Companies

Recruiting Basics

This guide has been created to help you organize and plan your recruiting strategy at Darden. Below is a list of considerations and steps to help you get started. See Policies & Guidelines for additional information.

Set Your Objectives

Outline your organization's recruiting goals for the year.

  • What are your talent needs? Full-time hires or summer interns?
  • What types of positions are you seeking to fill?
  • Does your organization hire international students?
  • What is your target number of hires?
  • How much money and time can you invest in recruiting?

Design a Strategy

  • Contact your Employer Relations Manager (ERM) to determine which recruiting strategy best fits your needs.
  • Familiarize yourself with all types of recruiting events and other ways to build your brand at Darden.
  • Contact us to get connected to the right industry experts.

Order Résumé Books

Second Year résumés will be available through MBA Focus  4 September 2014. First Year résumés will be available 23 October 2014. Alternatively, you may request targeted resumes created by many of Darden's student clubs.

Market Your Events

Market your Darden recruiting initiatives on-Grounds.

  • The Cold Call Chronicle is a bimonthly student newspaper that is widely read by the Darden community. For more information about advertising your Darden events, please contact Sonali Kripalani.
  • Contact officers of relevant Darden student organizations to let them know about your upcoming plans.

Finalize Logistics


Since many events are scheduled during lunch and dinner hours, most companies choose to cater their events. For catering, two options are available. You have the option to use Darden’s on-site catering service, The Abbott Center. E-mail Barbara Fitch or call her at +1-434-982-4892 to make arrangements. Or you may use Vmeals, an outside vendor contracted for catering services that provides a simple and reliable way to order top-quality catering. They offer a wide selection of menus to accommodate both your taste and your budget. Contact a Vmeals customer service representative, or call +1-866-863-2571.

Driving Directions and Transportation

Information about driving directions and transportation.

The Inn at Darden

The Inn at Darden is a full-service hotel right on the Darden Grounds. It is a great place to stay during your visit to Charlottesville, Virginia. Recruiters are able to receive a reduced room rate. If interested, please call +1-434-243-5000 to make your reservation.

Support Darden’s Sustainability Vision

Company Giveaway Policy

In support of Darden’s vision to be a zero-waste, carbon-neutral enterprise by 2020, we will no longer accept shipments of company product. Students surveyed about company giveaways reported that they felt giveaways were unnecessary. Companies wishing to distribute brand-related items may bring small tokens to Darden the day of the event.

Darden has been recognized as being a Top 16 green business school by the Princeton Review/Entrepreneur Magazine (March, 2011) and we appreciate your support of this important part of our mission. Rather than giving students giveaways, companies are encouraged to interact with Darden students by:

  •  Distributing or emailing a one-page information sheet which includes company contacts, important company specific deadlines for recruiting events (these would have to be brought to Darden by the recruiting team the day of the event.) 
  •  Supporting Darden student clubs and organizations  
  •  Distributing coupons for company products 

Darden joins other top MBA programs in finding more sustainable ways for companies to interact with and build their brand with our students. Thank you for helping to support our vision to be a zero-waste, carbon-neutral enterprise by 2020!

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