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Access Student Résumés

Recruiters can view résumés of students to find the perfect candidates. The various options outlined below are a great tool for targeting high-potential candidates and ensuring you get the information you need to fulfill your search criteria.

Student Résumé Books

Darden résumés may be purchased through MBA Focus. MBA Focus provides student profiles and résumés in the form of a searchable database. Online access to this powerful tool allows recruiters to identify students with specific backgrounds, focus areas, professional profiles, and more. The Second Year database will be available 4 September 2014. The First Year database will be available 23 October 2014.

Student Club Résumé Books

For a more focused résumé book or to search through résumés of students who are interested in targeted functional areas (e.g., marketing, finance) or industries (e.g., energy, health care), we suggest you contact the student organizations that best align with your industry, functional need or geographic target.

International Résumé Books

If your organization has international needs, consider viewing one of Darden’s region-specific résumé books. These résumé books are compiled with First Year and Second Year talent. The résumé books can be customized to fit your search criteria.

To request an International Résumé Book, please contact Denise Karaoli, Associate Director, International & Diversity.

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