Resilience Awards

Resilience Award Media Coverage

Fairchild and the Resilence Awards were featured in the Financial Times

"The amount of publicity our company has received from the award has astounded me."     

-- Chad Ballard,  Ballard Fish & Oyster Co., 2012 Winner

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2012 Media Coverage

2011 Media Coverage

2010 Media Coverage

"The Tayloe Murphy Resilience Award brought exposure to our business and community. It expanded our network and opened the door to one of the best business schools in the country. But more than that. When entrepreneurs aren't funded, they run on emotion. It gave us a boost at a critical time and we owe them a great deal. We are extremely proud of this Tayloe Murphy Resilience Award."

-- Tom Bandy, Owner of BandyWorks, 2010 Resilience Award winner  

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    Tayloe Murphy Resilience Awards 2012

    The Tayloe Murphy Resilience Awards is a unique competition that highlights and supports strong, resilient businesses in some of Virginia's most economically-challenged communities. This video highlights 2012 finalists and winners as well as recent research on resilient businesses.