Resilience Awards

Our Winners & Finalists

2012 Finalist: Stuart Land and Cattle Company (one of the nation's oldest, family-owned businesses)

“These winners represent resilience in the classic sense of the word. In the face of some daunting challenges, they have bent but not broken, adapted and become stronger for their efforts.”  -- Professor Gregory B. Fairchild

The Resilience Awards recognizes the perseverence and talent of small business owners across Virginia, particularly those in areas facing high unemployment and high poverty. Resilience Awards finalists and winners have displayed growth, a dogged entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to community.

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    Tayloe Murphy Resilience Awards 2012

    The Tayloe Murphy Resilience Awards is a unique competition that highlights and supports strong, resilient businesses in some of Virginia's most economically-challenged communities. This video highlights 2012 finalists and winners as well as recent research on resilient businesses.