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Batten Fellows

The Batten Fellows Program brings prominent and high-potential thought leaders to the Darden School of Business for short and long-term visits. The aims of the program are as follows:

  • To develop intellectual capital that culminates in published articles, books, and other high-impact publications;
  • To provide thought leadership of importance to managers, policy makers, and the public;
  • To support work related to current Institute research initiatives.
  • To stimulate the intellectual life of the Institute and the Darden School.

2014-15 Fellow:  Yi Zhang

Fellowship Focus: The role of positive affective in design thinking and innovation 

Yi Zhang is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Virginia Darden Graduate School of Business. She received a B.S. in Life Sciences from Peking University in China, and an M.A. and Ph.D. in Social Psychology from Brandeis University, Waltham, Massachusetts. She teaches consumer psychology at Darden.

Ms. Zhang is a behavioral scientist whose work bridges affective neuroscience and consumer behavior. She is broadly interested in the role of affective response and approach-avoidance motivations underlying behaviors such as food consumption, financial decision making and innovation. Her current research addresses psychological and contextual factors that improve decision making in areas such as food choices, spending and product development.   

Prior to joining Darden, Yi worked as a Behavioral Scientist and the Director of Consumer Subconscious Research Lab at Sentient Decision Science (a boutique market research firm). During that time, she established a state-of-art neurophysiology (32-channel dense array EEG) and eye-tracking research lab, and provided services to a variety of clients in the consumer package goods and telecommunication industries.  

Braden R. "Brad" Allenby
Focus: Earth Systems Management

George E. L. Barbee
Focus: Innovating with Customers

 Béatrice Boulu-Reshef
Focus: Affordable loss reasoning in entrepreneurial decision making

Arthur P. Brief
Focus: Demographically Diverse Work Environments

Joel Brockner
Focus: The Implications of Crisis Management for Corporate Innovation, Creativity, and Change

Clair Brown
Focus: Innovation Dynamics in the Electronics Sector

John Seely Brown
Focus: Learning in the Innovation Process

Barie Carmichael
Focus: Inherent Negatives as a Basis for Strategic Innovation

Sayan Chatterjee
Focus: Post-Merger Integration

Susan Cohen
Focus: Accelerated Learning: The Case of Entrepreneurial Ventures Participating in Seed Accelerators

Cindy Eddins Collier
Focus: Innovative Perspectives on the Health Care System

Jim Collins
Focus: Creating a Good to Great Experience

Marcia Conner
Focus: Creating a Learning Culture

Robert L. Cross
Focus: Social Network Analysis

Vihang R. Errunza
Focus: Managerial Ownership, Firm Value, and Growth

Robert Friedel
Focus: Creativity Through Collaborative Endeavors

William Gartner
Focus: Entrepreneurial Narrative

Michael Gelb
Focus: Discover Your Genius

Gerd Gigerenzer
Focus: Consumer Responses to Product Innovation

James H. Gilmore
Focus: Creation, Customization, and Commercialization in the Experience Economy

Malcolm Gladwell 
Focus: The Business Implications of Blink

Tony Golsby-Smith
Focus: Using Strategic Conversations to Generate Corporate Innovation

Jerry Goodstein
Focus: Values-Based Strategies for Building Stakeholder-Firm Commitment and Enhancing Organizational Performance

Roger H. Gordon 
Focus: Corporate Taxation

Donald C. Hambrick
Focus: Strategy and Economic Rationality

John D. Helferich
Focus: Design Strategies for Retail Customization

Lutz Hildebrandt
Focus: Driving Innovation Through Marketing and R&D Synergies

Rolf Huppi
Focus: Capitalizing on Intangibles in Global Strategic Management

Michael C. Jensen
Focus: The Agency Costs of Overvalued Equity

Stylianos (Stelios) Kavadias
Focus: Organization Structure, Incentives, and the Innovation Portfolio

Ronald L. Kerber
Focus: Corporate Product Creation

Mark P. Kritzman
Focus: Required Returns on Equity Across Countries and Models

Graciela Kuechle
Focus: Developing a mathemathical model of effectuation

Ingmar Leliveld
Focus: Customer Collaboration in Organic Growth Strategies

Chris Lotspeich
Focus: Innovation, Systems Analysis and Environmental Issues in Business

Dali Ma
Focus: Positive Psychological Traits in Social Structure: A Life-Course Analysis of the Origin of Entrepreneurship

Joel Makower
Focus: The Business Case for Sustainability

David E. Martin
Focus: The Accounting and Financial Effects of Intellectual Property

John May
Focus: Angel Investors Program

Pedro Medina
Focus: The Economic and Social Impact of Entrepreneurship Education

Michael Meyer
Focus: Developing Insight and Inspiring Innovation

Danny Miller
Focus: Creativity Through Collaborative Endeavors

Henry Mintzberg
Focus: Designing Strategy, Designing Global Management Education

Rafi Mohammed
Focus: Integrating On-line Off-line Businesses

Brian F. Nattrass
Focus: Values-Driven Innovation and Sustainable Business Practices

Mary Altomare Nattrass
Focus: Values-Driven Innovation and Sustainable Business Practices

William H. Newman
Focus: New World Enterprise

Miguel Palacios
Focus: Human Capital Contracts

Taylor Randall
Focus: Managing Product Variety, Supply Chain Management

Mary Varney Rorty
Focus: Strategic Change in Health Care Organizations

Robert H. Rosen
Focus: Leading Organic Growth

Saras D. Sarasvathy
Focus: What Makes Entrepreneurs Entrepreneurial?

Michel Schlosser
Focus: Sustainable and Responsible Global Leadership

Carl Schramm
Focus: Technology Transfer and the Role of the Entrepreneur

Reinhard Selten
Focus: Consumer Responses to Product Innovation

Walt Shill
Focus: Testing Personal Managerial Principles Through Business Simulation

Larry L. Smith 
Focus: Crisis Leadership

Howard H. Stevenson
Focus: Insights on Global Entrepreneurship: Education, Policy and Practice

Charles "Chic" Thompson
Focus: Creative Leadership

P. Jeffrey Trimmer 
Focus: Management of the Extended Enterprise

Scott Wallace
Focus: Employer Initiatives in Redefining Health Care

Veronica Warnock
Focus: Markets in Human Hope

Robert Wiltbank
Focus: Leading Organic Growth

Heather Wishik
Focus: Exemplary Global Managers

Paul Junger Witt
Focus: Innovation and the Business of Film

Sonia Wong
Focus: The Development of China's Stock Market

Mitchell Zuckoff
Focus: Idea Entrepreneurs, Business Fads, and Business Scandals

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