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Sustainability_2011There is growing acceptance that business can play a constructive role in addressing global issues of sustainability. Today, entrepreneurs and innovators working within established enterprises are dedicating themselves to discovering market-driven solutions for the world's most pressing problems. The central question surrounding these efforts is "Under what circumstances can business firms successfully innovate a path toward a sustainable future?" The Batten Institute's Sustainability Initiative focuses on the mechanisms by which entrepreneurship and innovation can simultaneously drive a firm's market success and discover solutions to societal challenges such as climate change.

Current Topics


Alliance for Research on Corporate Sustainability (ARCS)

Darden GreenPod: interviews with sustainability innovators and social entrepreneurs. 

Key Contributors

Faculty Leaders

Michael J. Lenox
Samuel L. Slover Research Professor of Business
Associate Dean and Executive Director of the Batten Institute


Brad Allenby 
Batten Fellow

Richard Brownlee 
Professor of Business
Sustainable and Responsible Global Leadership

Erika Herz
Associate Director of Sustainability Programs
Managing Director, Alliance for Research on Corporate Sustainability (ARCS)

Andrea Larson 
Associate Professor of Business
Sustainable Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Greg Fairchild 
Associate Professor of Business
Executive Director, Tayloe Murphy Center

Chris Lotspeich
Batten Fellow

Bill McDonough
Batten Fellow

Brian Nattrass 
Batten Fellow

Mary Nattrass 
Batten Fellow

Michel Schlosser 
Sustainable and Responsible Global Leadership

Jeffrey York
Batten Research Associate


Sustainable and Responsible Global Leadership

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