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Finance provides insights into the challenges senior managers face in creating value for shareholders and other stakeholders in the firm by focusing on the prudent investment of the firm's capital and the selection of financial policies in support of the firm's long-term strategy. The study of finance develops the key skill of valuation — of projects, securities, whole firms and of the incremental effect of new policies. In support of this goal, students master tools and concepts in the structure of capital markets, cost of capital, financial analysis and forecasting, working capital management, capital budgeting, resource allocation, dividend policy, long-term debt policy, selection of specific financial tactics and corporate restructuring.


George (Yiorgos) Allayannis
Robert F. Bruner
Susan Chaplinsky
Robert M. Conroy
Kenneth M. Eades 
Richard B. Evans
Robert S. Harris
Marc L. Lipson 
Elena Loutskina
Pedro Matos
Michael J. Schill
William W. Sihler

Adjunct Faculty

Michael J. Ho  


Finance Research Seminar
Additional Research Seminars

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