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What are Darden Global Business Experiences?

Darden's Global Business Experiences are one- to two-week courses outside the United States that focus on business issues. The courses are typically offered in March during Spring Break, as well as in May.

Each Global Business Experience provides the opportunity for students to visit a different country and experience business practices and cultures other than those of their native countries.

Based on a unifying theme, each course includes structured classes and practitioner presentations as well as visits to companies, governmental agencies and important cultural sites. Several GBEs also include an experiential consulting project with companies in the country being visited.

Each Global Business Experience course gives students a better perspective on the countries visited and, through comparison, on their countries of origin.

Academic Objectives

All GBEs share a common set of academic objectives:

  • increase students’ awareness and understanding of the differences in cultures and business practices
  • increase students’ familiarity with current economic, political and cultural issues in countries and regions outside the United States.

Who Can Participate?

Both First Year students and Second Year full-time MBA students may participate. They receive 1.5 credits toward the total elective credits required for graduation. 

Alumni Participation

As part of the Darden School's commitment to Alumni education, select GBEs are also open to Darden alumni on a non-credit, space-available basis. For 2015, alumni are invited to participate on the Brazil, China, South Africa, and Sweden GBEs. Darden Alumni Services will notify alumni in November when registration is open, the number of spaces available, and the costs of each GBE. Please contact Kristen Pappas with any GBE related questions.

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