First Coffee

First Coffee: Darden Days

First Coffee

First Coffee: Cold Call Chorus Halloween Performance

First Coffee: Diwali Celebration

First Coffee: Family Day

First Coffee: Cold Call Chorus Holiday Performance

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First Coffee is a tradition dating back to the Darden School's founding over 50 years ago and one that epitomizes Darden's community spirit.

Every morning after the first class of the day, MBA students, faculty, staff and visitors gather in PepsiCo Forum to socialize over a cup of coffee or tea. In warmer months, First Coffee is often held outside in Flagler Court. Although First Coffee is usually an informal community-wide assembly, it is also an opportunity for the Darden community to gather for special announcements, award ceremonies, cultural celebrations and performances from Darden’s Cold Call Chorus.

Visitors are welcome to join the Darden community for First Coffee at 9:30 a.m. each weekday.

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