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About Darden - Return to Darden Grounds

Coronavirus Information and School Operations

UVA Darden continues to welcome students, lifelong learners, faculty and staff back to its Grounds — in both Charlottesville and at UVA Darden DC Metro in Rosslyn, Virginia. For non-degree Executive Education & Lifelong Learning programs, Darden is pleased to present an expanded virtual portfolio, as well as in-person programs.

UVA and Darden plan to return to in-person instruction and more normal operations in fall 2021. 

On this website, you will find the latest plans, information and resources to ensure a safe return to Grounds. Please check this site regularly, as information may change based on the spread of the virus, the advice of public health experts or an order by the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Visit the UVA COVID Tracker to track public health information and key metrics about the virus. This tracker is updated daily and is intended to provide students, staff, faculty, parents and community with up to date information from the University of Virginia.

Our top priority is to keep our community safe while upholding our mission and values.

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Latest Information on UVA's Plans

Visit UVA's Coronavirus Information website for ongoing updates.

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  • COVID-19 Working Group

    Marc Johnson

    Kush Arora
    Scott Beardsley
    Dawna Clarke
    Shaele Culbreath
    Julie Daum
    David Drab
    Rachel Dudzik
    Eric Fletcher
    Yael Gruskha-Cockayne
    Whitney Kestner
    Anton Korinek
    Dean Krehmeyer
    Jeanne Liedtka
    Laura Hennessey Martens
    Joanne Meier
    Marc Modica
    Larry Mueller
    Larry Murphy
    Kristen Pappas
    Tom Steenburgh
    Callie Thompson
    Jarrod Tibbs
    Ed Warwick
    Ron Wilcox
    Ashley Williams

  • Safe Return to Grounds Committee

    David Drab, project manager
    Laura Hennessey Martens, project leader


    Bob Conroy
    Rachel Dudzik
    Sarah Elliott
    Mary Margaret Frank
    Jennifer Hicks
    Anton Korinek
    Paul Matherne
    Marc Modica
    Callie Thompson
    Elliott Weiss

    Policies and Protocols Subcommittee:

    Eric Fletcher, leader
    Georgia Meyer, leader
    Mary Jones
    Gayle Mapstone

    Workforce Preparation and HR Policies Subcommittee

    Gayle Mapstone, leader
    Mary Jones, leader
    Tomiwa Afolabi
    Renee Bush
    Georgia Meyer
    Karen Morris
    Gayle Noble
    Meaghan Patrick
    Shea Rainey
    Debbie White

    Facilities, Signage and Spaces Subcommittee

    Rachel Dudzik, leader
    Alex Lungi, leader
    Susan Wormington, leader
    John Allen
    Tyla Gallegos
    Julia Grammer
    Charles Heilman
    Gini Porter

    Culture and Connectivity Subcommittee

    Lili Powell, leader
    Barbara Millar, leader
    Ladi Carr
    Shaele Culbreath
    Tess Engebretson
    Marc Paulo Guzman
    Christie Julien
    Shashie Morton
    Allison Price
    Elliott Weiss

    Food, Beverage and Hospitality Subcommittee

    Larry Murphy, leader
    Tom Cappucci
    Alex Lungi

    Health and Safety Subcommittee

    Anton Korinek, leader
    Paul Matherne, leader
    Madeleine Hicks
    Tom Marini
    John Nolan