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FAQ for Faculty

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has created a number of changes to the School's operations and questions for Darden stakeholders. This webpage provides answers to frequently asked questions relevant to Darden School faculty.

The FAQ provides answers based on the latest plans and information available. Information may change based on the spread of COVID-19, the advice of public health experts or an order by the Virginia Department of Health. The top priority will always be keeping our community safe — and we will continue to update FAQ pages and other communications to inform you as circumstances require adjustments. Questions for leadership? Fill out this form. For communication questions or to offer suggestions related to the Return to Darden Grounds website, please write to [email protected].

General Information

  • How are Darden and the University of Virginia keeping students, parents, faculty and staff informed?

    Darden is communicating regularly with our community through email, alerts and this website. The University is communicating on a broad array of topics for students, student families, faculty and staff, and managers and supervisors on its Coronavirus Information website.

    Please direct specific questions NOT addressed through these resources as follows:

    • Staff: Refer specific questions to your immediate manager or supervisor.
    • Faculty: Refer questions to program or faculty leadership.
    • Students:
      • If you need medical attention, contact UVA Student Health at +1-434-982-3915 or +1-434-297-4261 after hours.
      • For housing-related questions, student groups or general safety, contact a member of Darden’s Office of Student Affairs or UVA’s Office of the Dean of Students at +1-434-924-7133.
      • For issues related to advising, credits or course registration, contact the relevant dean for your program or Darden Registrar Terri Smith.
      • Questions about accommodations because of physical or mental disabilities would go to SDAC in Student Health at +1-434-342-5188.
  • Who can return to Darden Grounds?

    There are currently no restrictions on visitors to Grounds and faculty and staff are welcome to visit Grounds for meetings or other needs. 

    The University expects all members of the community to get vaccinated as soon as possible. Faculty and staff who are not vaccinated will be subject to weekly prevalence testing to help keep them and the people around them safe from the virus. If you wish to be vaccinated, you can make an appointment here

    Read UVA's full update with procedures on how to verify you have received a COVID-19 vaccination. 

  • Am I required to get a COVID-19 vaccine before I return to in-person work?

    Any UVA or Foundation employee who is not vaccinated will be subject to mandatory weekly prevalence testing. Visit UVA's vaccination page for the latest on booster requirements and UVA HR's COVID Prevalence Testing website for more information on testing requirements and procedures.

  • Does UVA provide asymptomatic COVID-19 testing for faculty and staff?

    For all faculty and staff who are not fully vaccinated, there is a requirement for weekly COVID-19 testing through the University's . As part of the University of Virginia’s plans to limit the spread of COVID-19, self-administered test kits will be available to asymptomatic faculty and staff in the Academic Division and to contracted workers. In addition, Medical Center and University Physicians Group employees will be able to register for asymptomatic testing appointments at a satellite UVA Health COVID-19 testing site.

  • How can I ask a question that is not answered in this FAQ?

    For most questions, reach out directly to your Darden HR representative, manager or program leader.

    To send a question to the Dean's Office and Darden leadership, faculty and staff can share them through this form. Questions will be addressed as they arise during regular, ongoing town halls for the Darden community.

The 2021-22 Academic Year

  • Where can I find information about technology support?
    • Visit Darden’s Technical Support for Remote Learning and Work website, which includes Zoom best practices such as video and audio tips and general etiquette.
    • Increased use of Zoom creates new security threats to your computer and Darden. All faculty, staff and students are asked to authenticate to before class or meetings. Authentication will provide access to Darden’s Pro version of Zoom. In addition, the Darden community should stay up-to-date with the latest software updates from Zoom. Due to the severity of Zoom security risks, you should verify that you are running the latest version of Zoom and download any missing updates manually. Click here to learn how to check what version of Zoom you have and how to initiate the update process manually.
    • Refer to UVA’s Faculty/Staff Technology Checklist for Working Remotely webpage for a technology preparedness checklist and a consolidation of valuable links to ITS resources.
    • If you identify new or ongoing technology needs for teleworking, please let your manager know.
    • For technology assistance, the UVA Help Desk is available 24/7/365 and can be contacted in a variety of ways. You can also contact the Darden Help Desk team.
    • If you would like technical support for a virtual event or meeting, please reach out to the IT team ([email protected] or at +1-434-924-3276), Joanne Meier or Jarrod Tibbs. They can point you to resources that you can use to meet your needs.
  • Am I allowed to travel for work?

    University-Related Domestic Travel

    Effective immediately, University community members are permitted to conduct University-related domestic travel, as long as they follow CDC guidelines, which call for individuals to be fully vaccinated before they travel.

    University-Related International Travel

    The University lifted all the previous prohibition on University-related international travel for faculty and staff on 16 June and replaced it with a new policy requiring employees to register all such travel on the University’s International Travel Registry no later than 7 days before departure. University faculty and staff no longer need to seek prior approval for international travel from the Vice Provost for Global Affairs, and the [email protected] email address for requesting such approval will close.

    Faculty and staff who undertake international travel will be responsible for assessing the safety of their planned itineraries in consultation with their supervisors, drawing on resources provided in the policy. They will also be responsible for abiding by the University’s regulations governing international travel, especially regarding export controls and travel to sanctioned countries. In addition, University employees are required to abide by Center for Disease Control guidelines for international travel during COVID-19 before, during, and after such travel, including by being fully vaccinated before undertaking travel. More information on the University’s travel policy is available here


  • Are there any professional development opportunities I can pursue at this time?

    The University offers Coursera for UVA for employees — a catalog of self-paced classes from across Grounds and beyond that you can access with a UVA NetBadge credential and earn a certificate for free.

  • What resources are available to help me manage my health and wellness?


    • IM-Rec Sports is offering virtual fitness classes, with live workouts via Zoom, Monday to Friday, and prerecorded options for any time.
    • Hoos Well also has a suite of virtual resources to help promote physical and emotional well-being through this time.
    • The Compassionate Care Initiative at the UVA School of Nursing offers free, public online offerings for well-being.
    • FEAP has a suite of virtual resources on their website.

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