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FAQ for Faculty

Darden's return to Grounds in fall 2020 and the ongoing coronavirus pandemic have created a number of changes to the School's operations and questions for Darden stakeholders. This webpage provides answers to frequently asked questions relevant to Darden School faculty.

The FAQ provides answers based on the latest plans and information available. Information may change based on the spread of COVID-19, the advice of public health experts or an order by the Virginia Department of Health. The top priority will always be keeping our community safe — and we will continue to update FAQ pages and other communications to inform you as circumstances require adjustments. Questions for leadership? Fill out this form. For communication questions or to offer suggestions related to the Return to Darden Grounds website, please write to [email protected].

General Information

  • How are Darden and the University of Virginia keeping students, parents, faculty and staff informed?

    Darden is communicating regularly with our community through email, alerts and this website. The University is communicating on a broad array of topics for students, student families, faculty and staff, and managers and supervisors on its Return to Grounds website and Fall 2020 Student Resource site.

    Please direct specific questions NOT addressed through these resources as follows:

    • Staff: Refer specific questions to your immediate manager or supervisor.
    • Faculty: Refer questions to program or faculty leadership.
    • Students:
      • If you need medical attention, contact UVA Student Health at +1-434-982-3915 or +1-434-297-4261 after hours.
      • For housing-related questions, student groups or general safety, contact a member of Darden’s Office of Student Affairs or UVA’s Office of the Dean of Students at +1-434-924-7133.
      • For issues related to advising, credits or course registration, contact the relevant dean for your program or Darden Registrar Terri Smith.
      • Questions about accommodations because of physical or mental disabilities would go to SDAC in Student Health at +1-434-342-5188.
  • Who can return to Darden Grounds while operations are impacted by the coronavirus?

    All employees — including faculty and staff — who are not already identified as essential to continuity of operations should not come to the Darden Grounds in Charlottesville or Arlington, Virginia, until the School provides guidance on returning to the workplace. If you are a member of faculty or staff and believe you have an essential reason to access Grounds, please reach out to your manager first; requests must be approved by the Dean’s Office.

    On 17 June, the University of Virginia provided an update outlining plans for returning to Grounds and launched two new websites to provide updated information and answer key questions:
  • One or more students in class are not wearing face coverings or are not social distancing. What can I do? 

    Darden will establish protocols to address situations such as this. Politely ask the student to follow safe practices or take the class virtually. If the student does not comply, please leave the classroom. It may be possible to teach class that day from your office. 

  • Someone in my office will not wear a face covering or adhere to social-distancing guidelines. What can I do? 

    You may ask anyone to practice safe guidelines. If they are not able to, you may ask them to leave your office space and speak to you from outside. If this is not feasible, you may give them information to contact you remotely. If they refuse to leave your office or desk, you can leave. 

  • What is required before I go to Darden Grounds each day or visit a UVA facility?

    You must be approved to return to a UVA worksite, even for a brief visit, by your manager and the Dean’s Office. Before you return: 

    • Complete the Return to Grounds training module. This one-time training module must be completed before coming to Darden Grounds or any UVA facility. 

    • Download the HOOS Health Check app to phones from the Apple App Store or Android Google Play Store, or access the website via personal computer. The app helps the University community prevent the spread of COVID-19. It will help individuals be aware of their symptoms, encourage personal responsibility, and provide resources and next steps for testing for individuals who report symptoms.

    Darden community members are also encouraged to download the COVIDWISE app from the Virginia Department of Health to help protect the broader UVA, Charlottesville and Virginia communities. COVIDWISE uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to quickly notify users who have likely been exposed so you can reduce the risk of infection for your friends and family and help Virginia stop the spread.

  • Am I required to take a COVID-19 test before returning to Grounds? Will I need to take a test later?

    Tests are not required for UVA employees before returning to their workplace, unless they exhibit symptoms or may have been exposed during an outbreak. Please see the Ongoing Testing section of the UVA Public Health Measures website for more details.

  • Does UVA provide asymptomatic COVID-19 testing for faculty and staff?

    Yes. As part of the University of Virginia’s plans to limit the spread of COVID-19, self-administered test kits will be available to asymptomatic faculty and staff in the Academic Division and to contracted workers. In addition, Medical Center and University Physicians Group employees will be able to register for asymptomatic testing appointments at a satellite UVA Health COVID-19 testing site. Please read the UVA Today article for more information.

  • How do I access the facility if I am approved to be on Grounds?

    All Darden facilities will only be accessible via Faculty/Staff ID card or temporary key card. This helps Darden keep track of each person who enters our buildings each day.

    • Faculty and Staff will have access to all doors equipped with access pads in Saunders Hall, Classroom Building, Abbott Hall, Faculty Office and Darden Library Buildings.        

    • Swipe pads are located as follows:  

      • Saunders Main and Handicapped entrances 

      • Classroom Building Learning Team Pavilion Doors 

      • Faculty Office Building Pavilion Entrances 

      • Abbott Center Auditorium Center, Ground Stairwell, Ground Arcade and Abbott Dining entrances 

      • Darden Library Ground Level Exterior, Interior Ground Level, First Floor Exterior and Interior Library entrance

  • When can I take my mask off while working on Grounds?

    It depends. If you are working alone in an office or other room with the door closed, you can remove your face covering. However, if you are working in a public area or other shared space, such as a lobby or in a conference room with another colleague, a face covering must be worn at all times except when you exercise or eat.

  • What do I do if my mask fogs up my glasses?

    UVA's policy for face coverings also applies to people wearing glasses. If your glasses fog up, it is most likely because your mask does not fit tightly around the nose and warm air escapes and rises to your glasses. If your mask allows it, try to pinch the top of your mask to make it better fit your nose. Try to tighten the sides of your mask. Other tips include applying anti-fogging solutions or soap water to your glasses before you wear your mask. Please check with your optician first to ensure your glasses will not be damaged, or ask them for additional advice.  

  • How can I ask a question that is not answered in this FAQ?

    For most questions, reach out directly to your Darden HR representative, manager or program leader.

    To send a question to the Dean's Office and Darden leadership, faculty and staff can share them through this form. Questions will be addressed as they arise during regular, ongoing town halls for the Darden community.

Working Remotely

  • All faculty and staff should work remotely, unless they are required to be on Grounds for essential operations.

    The University is mandating telecommuting for all faculty and staff, except those who must report in person to carry out key functions. The traditional categories of “designated” and “non-designated” are not entirely relevant, given that those categories envisioned short delays due to weather problems.

    Darden has appointed a Return to Work Committee led by Laura Martens and David Drab to lead planning efforts for a safe return to the workplace. The committee will communicate the plan with faculty and staff directly this summer ahead of the start of the 2020-21 academic year. 

    School leaders, unit supervisors and managers have the authority to identify those who must report and those who can work remotely and should share direct guidance with their faculty and staff. Staff may need to consult with their managers to better understand how to conduct their work under the changed circumstances. Managers must receive approval from the Dean’s Office for an employee to be allowed on Grounds for essential reasons.

  • Where can I find information about technology to work remotely?
    • Visit Darden’s Technical Support for Remote Learning and Work website, which includes Zoom best practices such as video and audio tips and general etiquette.
    • Increased use of Zoom creates new security threats to your computer and Darden. All faculty, staff and students are asked to authenticate to before class or meetings. Authentication will provide access to Darden’s Pro version of Zoom. In addition, the Darden community should stay up-to-date with the latest software updates from Zoom. Due to the severity of Zoom security risks, you should verify that you are running the latest version of Zoom and download any missing updates manually. Click here to learn how to check what version of Zoom you have and how to initiate the update process manually.
    • Refer to UVA’s Faculty/Staff Technology Checklist for Working Remotely webpage for a technology preparedness checklist and a consolidation of valuable links to ITS resources.
    • If you identify new or ongoing technology needs for teleworking, please let your manager know.
    • For technology assistance, the UVA Help Desk is available 24/7/365 and can be contacted in a variety of ways. You can also contact the Darden Help Desk team.
    • If you would like technical support for a virtual event or meeting, please reach out to the IT team ([email protected] or at +1-434-924-3276), Joanne Meier or Jarrod Tibbs. They can point you to resources that you can use to meet your needs.
  • Will the University reimburse costs associated with remote work associated with COVID-19?

    Faculty and staff should work with their manager to determine requirements for working remotely, including the need for hardware, software, or enhanced network connections to meet those work requirements. New costs approved by the Dean’s Office and incurred to meet these work requirements will be reimbursable with preapproval. 

    Departments and units should keep track of all costs incurred by their units related to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

  • International and nonessential domestic University travel is suspended, continuing for the foreseeable future.

    We are anticipating additional policy guidance from the University in July on travel policies for the coming academic year. At this time, all nonessential business travel remains prohibited for faculty and staff. Essential business travel requires authorization by a Darden Enterprise Team leader, who must submit a request to the Dean’s Office for review and approval prior to making any travel arrangements. 

  • Are there any professional development opportunities I can pursue at this time?

    The University offers Coursera for UVA for employees — a catalog of self-paced classes from across Grounds and beyond that you can access with a UVA NetBadge credential and earn a certificate for free.

  • What resources are available to help me manage my health and wellness while working from home and observing a stay-at-home order?

    For those looking to do things from home, a few resources include:

    • IM-Rec Sports is offering virtual fitness classes, with live workouts via Zoom, Monday to Friday, and prerecorded options for any time.
    • Hoos Well also has a suite of virtual resources to help promote physical and emotional well-being through this time.
    • The Compassionate Care Initiative at the UVA School of Nursing offers free, public online offerings for well-being.
    • FEAP has a suite of virtual resources on their website.

HR & Benefits

Academic Operations

  • Do I still need to hold office hours?

    Yes. Please hold office hours. For faculty who need to hold virtual office hours, potential virtual options include: email, chat functions and phone calls. See the Teaching Continuity webpage for more information.

  • Can I meet students outside?

    Yes; however, everyone must wear a face covering at all times. In addition, the group size must not exceed a maximum of 5 people (including the professor).

    There are reservable areas available (e.g. for student clubs, to hold office hours or meetings with students, etc.) – please reach out to Rachel Dudzik for more information.

  • How are Darden and the University ensuring research continuity?

    Faculty, staff and postdocs engaged in research are permitted to continue that research, and should make arrangements for how best to proceed. The University has created a research continuity website with information on how services might be affected and recommendations for how to plan.

    For additional questions about research, visit the Research section of the University Return to Grounds website.