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Batten Research Fellows

The Batten Fellows Program brings prominent and high-potential thought leaders to the Darden School of Business for short and long-term visits. Since 1999, the institute has supported more than 80 experts and promising pioneers in the areas of entrepreneurship and innovation. You can view a list of all Batten Research Fellows below.

Batten Fellows

Braden (Brad) R. Allenby

Focus: Earth Systems Management, 2001

George E.L. Barbee

Focus: Innovating with Customers, 2000

Rahul Basole

Focus: Visualizing the Start-Up Genome: Mapping Traits of Successful Start-Ups, 2016

Jan Bena

Focus: Diversity of Innovators’ Human Capital and the Value of Innovation, 2018

Arthur P. Brief

Focus: Demographically Diverse Work Environments, 2002

Joel Brockner

Focus: The Implications of Crisis Management for Corporate Innovation, Creativity, and Change

Clair Brown

Focus: Innovation Dynamics in the Electronics Sector, 2002

Barie Carmichael

Focus: Inherent Negatives as a Basis for Strategic Innovation, 2005

Beatrice Boulu-Reshef

Focus: Affordable Loss Reasoning in Entrepreneurial Decision Making, 2011

Sayan Chatterjee

Focus: Post-Merger Integration, 2001

Rashed Chowdhury

Focus: Stakeholder Entrepreneurship, 2013

Susan Cohen

Focus: Accelerated Learning: The Case of Entrepreneurial Ventures Participating in Seed Accelerators, 2012

Cindy Eddins Collier

Focus: Innovative Perspectives on the Health Care System, 2002

Jim Collins

Focus: Creating a Good to Great Experience, 2005

Marcia Conner

Focus: Creating a Learning Culture, 2002

Alex Cowan

Focus: Software Innovation Processes, 2015

Robert L. Cross

Focus: Social Network Analysis, 2004

Waverly Ding

Focus: Differential Effect of Entrepreneurship Experience on Men and Women's Job Searches, 2017

Charles Eesley

Focus: Economic Impact of University Alumni Entrepreneurs: UVA and Stanford, 2009

Vihang R. Errunza

Focus: Managerial Ownership, Firm Value, and Growth, 2003

Daniel Forbes

Focus: Exploring the Ethics of Entrepreneurial Work, 2013

Robert Friedel

Focus: Creativity Through Collaborative Endeavors, 2006

William Gartner

Focus: Entrepreneurial Narrative, 2012

George Geis

Focus: Technology Entrepreneurship, 2013

Michael Gelb

Focus: Discover Your Genius, 2002

Gerd Gigerenzer

Focus: Consumer Responses to Product Innovation, 2004

James H. Gilmore

Focus: Creation, Customization, and Commercialization in the Experience Economy, 2003

Malcolm Gladwell

Focus: The Business Implications of Blink, 2005

Tony Golsby-Smith

Focus: Using Strategic Conversations to Generate Corporate Innovation, 2008

Jerry Goodstein

Focus: Values-Based Strategies for Building Stakeholder-Firm Commitment and Enhancing Organizational Performance, 2002

Roger H. Gordon

Focus: Corporate Taxation, 2001

Donald C. Hambrick

Focus: Strategy and Economic Rationality, 2003

John D. Helferich

Focus: Design Strategies for Retail Customization, 2008

Lutz Hilderbrandt

Focus: Driving Innovation Through Marketing and R&D Synergies, 2003

Yael Hochberg

Focus: U.S. Seed Accelerator Rankings Project and Data Collection, 2013

Rolf Hüppi

Focus: Capitalizing on Intangibles in Global Strategic Management, 2004

Michael C. Jensen

Focus: The Agency Costs of Overvalued Equity, 2003

Stylianos (Stelios) Kavadias

Focus: Organization Structure, Incentives, and the Innovation Portfolio, 2008

Ronald L. Kerber

Focus: Corporate Product Creation, 2004

Mark P. Kritzman

Focus: Required Returns on Equity Across Countries and Models, 2004

Graciela Kuechle

Focus: Developing a Mathemathical Model of Effectuation, 2011

Elena Kulchina

Focus: Founders’ Impact in Their Firms After Founding and What Functional Roles Entrepreneurs Take in Their Firms, 2017

Ingmar Leliveld

Focus: Organic Growth Strategies, 2007

Chris Lotspeich

Focus: Innovation, Systems Analysis and Environmental Issues in Business, 2002

Dali Ma

Focus: Positive Psychological Traits in Social Structure: A Life-Course Analysis of the Origin of Entrepreneurship, 2012

Joel Makower

Focus: The Business Case for Sustainability, 2006

John May

Focus: Angel Investors Program, 2002

David E. Martin

Focus: The Accounting and Financial Effects of Intellectual Property, 2004

Pedro Medina

Focus: The Economic and Social Impact of Entrepreneurship Education, 2003

Michael Meyer

Focus: Developing Insight and Inspiring Innovation, 2003

Danny Miller

Focus: Creativity Through Collaborative Endeavors, 2007

Hentry Mintzberg

Focus: Designing Strategy, Designing Global Management Education, 2003

Debanjan Mitra

Focus: Big Data, Text Mining, and Customer-Based Service Innovation Management, 2016

Rafi Mohammed

Focus: Integrating On-line Off-line Businesses, 2001

Mary Altomare Nattrass and Brian F. Nattrass

Focus: Values-Driven Innovation and Sustainable Business Practices, 2001

William H. Newman

Focus: New World Enterprise, 2002

Siobhán O’Mahony

Focus: What Kind of Village Fosters Entrepreneurs’ Venture Development?, 2018

Miguel Palacios

Focus: Human Capital Contracts, 2001

Taylor Randall

Focus: Managing Product Variety, Supply Chain Management, 2002

Mary Varney Rorty

Focus: Strategic Change in Health Care Organization, 2002

Robert H. Rosen

Focus: Leading Organic Growth, 2005

Saras D. Sarasvathy

Focus: What Makes Entrepreneurs Entrepreneurial?, 1999

Michel Schlosser

Focus: Sustainable and Responsible Global Leadership, 2008

Carl J. Schramm

Focus: Technology Transfer and the Role of the Entrepreneur, 2003

John Seely Brown

Focus: Learning in the Innovation Process, 2002

Reinhard Selten

Focus: Consumer Responses to Product Innovation, 2004

Walt Shill

Focus: Testing Personal Managerial Principles Through Business Simulation, 2004

Wesley Sine

Focus: Regional Institutional Factors and Their Impact on Entrepreneurs in Mexico, 2016

Larry L. Smith

Focus: Crisis Leadership, 2003

Howard Stevenson

Focus: Insights on Global Entrepreneurship: Education, Policy and Practice, 2003

Charles (Chic) Thompson

Focus: Creative Leadership, 2004

P. Jeffrey Trimmer

Focus: Management of the Extended Enterprise, 2002

Siddharth Vedula

Focus: Using Systems-Based Approaches to Quantify the Performance and Efficiency of Start-Up Ecosystems, 2016

Scott Wallace

Focus: Employer Initiatives in Redefining Health Care, 2008

Veronica Warnock

Focus: Markets in Human Hope, 2007

Robert Wiltbank

Focus: Leading Organic Growth, 2005

Heather Wishik

Focus: Exemplary Global Managers, 2001

Paul Junger Witt

Focus: Innovation and the Business of Film, 2003

Sonia Wong

Focus: The Development of China's Stock Market, 2003

Andy Wu

Focus: Organizational Decision-Making and Information: Angel Investments by Venture Capital Partners, 2017

Yi Zhang

Focus: Affective and Cognitive Processes in Innovative Problem Solving, 2014

Mitchell Zuckoff

Focus: Idea Entrepreneurs, Business Fads, and Business Scandal, 2003