Fellows Program

  • The Batten Institute provides limited research support for prominent thought leaders or researchers of high promise who have an active agenda that aligns with the mission and priorities of the Institute. The Batten Fellows program provides funding and other resources to generate new knowledge about entrepreneurship and innovation. 

    The aims of the program are:

    • Support work related to current UVA Darden & Batten Institute research initiatives;
    • Advance research that results in academic articles, books, and other high-impact publications;
    • Provide thought leadership of importance to managers, policy makers, and the public; and
    • Stimulate the intellectual life of the Institute, the Darden School, and the University of Virginia.

    Special Call for Entrepreneurial Ecosystems Research 

    This year, the program especially welcomes proposals that explore the antecedents and consequences of entrepreneurial ecosystems. Many regional elements contribute to entrepreneurial ecosystems including localized cultural outlooks, social networks, investment capital, universities, and active economic policies, among others. The Batten Institute is eager to support research in this emerging field in order to foster an understanding of how entrepreneurial activity advances local prosperity. 

    Submissions for this year’s program are not limited to ecosystems research, although the selection committee will give special consideration to projects on this topic.

    Application Deadline for 2018-19: 1 May 2018

    • The Institute invites established faculty, emerging scholars, seasoned executives and policy makers of distinction or outstanding promise to apply. Preference will be given to applicants who possess a PhD, or other terminal degree, and to those who are researchers in good standing at a university or other research-oriented institution. Exceptions will be made for individuals of significant accomplishment who propose compelling research projects that have a high likelihood of contributing to the Institute’s thought leadership in entrepreneurship and innovation. A maximum of two fellowships may be awarded in a given year; in some years no fellowship may be awarded, depending on the quality of the submissions and caliber of the applicant.


      Batten Fellows will be eligible to receive limited funding ($10,000) to support a specific research project in entrepreneurship and innovation. These grants may only be used to cover research expenses, including but not limited to: project‐related travel, transcription, data collection and data bases, research assistance and relevant subscriptions. These funds may also be used to offset the cost of housing during any residency period at the Darden School in Charlottesville, VA. As a matter of policy, grants may not be used for salary support or honoraria.

      Appointment Duration

      Appointments as Batten Fellows are for the period of a single academic year. The Institute highly values its Fellows and expects to engage with their work beyond their appointment.  Ideally, the fellowship period establishes a foundation for ongoing collaboration with faculty and the Institute.

      Outcomes and Activities

      Batten Fellow projects are expected to result in publishable research as journal articles, books, conferences presentations, and scholarly seminars, all of which should advance the research programs of the Batten Institute. The Batten Institute expects targeted research and collaborative writing activities.  It is the expectation of the Batten Institute that the Fellows will pursue not only an independent research agenda, but will engage actively with Darden faculty, students, and the wider University community. It is the Institute’s desire that, when appropriate, Fellow interactions extend to other schools at the University of Virginia. As a general rule, the activities of a Batten Fellow include:
      • Pursuing independent research and writing projects as specified in the applicant’s proposal;
      • Collaborating on research and writing projects with Darden faculty and staff;
      • Presenting seminars or workshops to the Darden community; and
      • Publication of a Batten Briefing that addresses the research focus of the Fellowship.


      By accepting an appointment as a Batten Fellow, the appointee accepts the responsibility for acknowledging the support of the Batten Institute in the resulting intellectual outputs, including but not limited to: papers, articles, briefings, books, cases, and conferences. Fellows will also permit the Batten Institute to feature their funded projects on its website and in other electronic or printed publications.