Using SONA

  • BRAD Lab uses SONA as an online system to manage participant pool and all studies of the lab. The system is administered by the lab coordinator. If you have any questions about using SONA, please contact the lab coordinator.

    Request an Account

    All researchers need a researcher account in order to post and manage their studies on SONA. Please email the lab coordinator your full name, affiliation, email address, and phone number. We will create an account for you.

    Posting Studies

    All studies posted on SONA must have an IRB approval code and study approval from the Lab Director. After you create a study on SONA and complete all required information for your study, the lab coordinator will review and make the approval. You will receive a notification email once your study has been approved.

    SONA ID Number

    All participants on our SONA pool receive a random five-digit number as their identification number on SONA. You can identify your participants on SONA with this SONA ID number only.

    No-show Policies

    Please mark attendance after each of your studies’ timeslot. Participants can be marked as “participated,” “excused no-show” and “unexcused no-show”. BRAD Lab has the policy to deactivate any participant’s account who has three unexcused no-shows automatically. This participant will not be able to sign up for any new studies. To reactivate the account again, the participant should contact the researchers of the studies that he/she missed. If you agree to forgive the unexcused no-show, please forward your decision to in order to reactivate the account.

    Online Studies

    Researchers can conduct online surveys (Qualtrics) on SONA. The system can automatically grant credits to participants and prevent them from participating in the same survey more than once.

    BRAD Lab has created guidelines for conducting online studies. Download the BRAD Lab guidelines.

    Amazon Mechanical Turk is a platform for recruiting online participants. Download the Amazon Mechanical Turk BRAD Lab guidelines, which share how to recruit participants and run studies on Amazon Turk.