Using the Lab

  • Requesting the Lab

    If you are interested in collecting data, please submit a study proposal form. Requested details include the expected time spent, a link to the questionnaire, applicable pre-screen restrictions, IRB approval number and any special requirements. If you have any questions, please contact the Lab Director.

    Lab Location and Directions

    BRAD Lab is located at the Classroom 20 in the basement of the Classroom Building at the Darden School of Business. Please refer to the maps provided below.

    Participant Payment

    Compensation depends on the type and length of the study. Researcher may use flat fees or performance-based reward. The payment can be either gift card or cash. If you would like to request cash for your study, please email the Lab Director with the following information:

    • The approved IRB protocol number
    • Date that you will need cash
    • Total amount of cash and in what denominations
    • Account that money should be charged to (PTAEO number)

    If you have any questions, please contact the Lab Director.

    Equipment & Resources

    The lab has set up 24 computer stations in the room, 11 Microsoft Surface tablets to be used off-site or in a second location, 20 headphones and access to one fNIRS machine for neural imaging. Software includes zLeaf/zTree, Inquisit and MATLab.

    BRAD Lab Combined Study Weekends

    The BRAD Lab Combined Study Weekend initiative provides researchers monthly opportunities to collect research data at Darden. The studies will be held one weekend each month. The cost of staffing and participant payments will be shared in proportion to the time spent by participants on each study. For more information, please contact the Lab Director.

    Hiring Research Assistants

    All research assistants are selected and hired by the Lab Director. Our research assistants have completed human subjects research training as a requirement of all researchers at UVA who conduct human subject research. They have obtained valid CITI certification from Collaborative Institutional Training Institute (CITI). If you need a research assistant, please email the please contact the Lab Director with the required qualifications, job description and time commitment. The Lab Director will find the right research assistant for you.

    Recruit Participants

    BRAD Lab utilizes various ways to recruit participants to join the lab participant pool. Our current pool consists of both students and working people inside and outside the UVA community. All Darden researchers have access to the participant pool administered through the SONA System. If you have any questions regarding recruiting specific populations, please contact the Lab Director.

    The lab has collaborated with JADE Lab to hold tabling sessions on Grounds. We also have our own tabling sessions at the Charlottesville Farmer Market and Friday After Five venue as an effort to recruit the Charlottesville community into our pool. During the tabling efforts, we can run short studies, which are ideal for a pilot test. If researchers are interested in running a short study during tabling sessions, please contact the Lab Director.