The Behavioral Research at Darden (BRAD) Lab



Methodological Workshops

Have you been wondering … what are the current procedures to test for moderated mediation? Is there a difference between moderated mediation and conditional indirect effects? What are the differences between first stage and second stage moderated mediation? What about serial and parallel mediation? And about multi-level analysis? In order to answer these questions and address other current methodological issues, the BRAD Lab hosts Methodological Workshops.

If you are conducting research and want to learn more about these topics, join former BRAD Lab Research Associate Cristiano Guarana as he provides a series of Research Method Workshops via our YouTube playlist.

Lab Group Meetings

Ideas in the Rough is an interdisciplinary monthly seminar where faculty can discuss ongoing research and receive substantive ideas for improvement.

Ideas in the Rough is focused primarily on helping faculty who are active researchers. Graduate students will be invited to attend but will not present work unless it is co-authored with a faculty member in Ideas in the Rough. If you are interested in sharing your work at Ideas in the Rough, please contact the Lab Coordinator.