Power and Leadership: Getting Below the Surface

  • Many business leaders lean on coercion and compliance to get things done, and fail to recognize the real source of their authority: the ability to influence and inspire. Challenge yourself to become truly great — a memorable leader who not only influences employees’ behavior and thinking but shapes their values, assumptions, beliefs and expectations. 

  • At a Glance

    See what's possible in life and leadership and learn to motivate others with the power of your vision and purpose. In Power and Leadership: Getting Below the Surface, leaders like you will examine ordinary thought patterns in order to push past them and reawaken your ability to lead by example. You'll reach new heights  - literally - by applying the principles of teamwork and trust at a half-day ropes course.

    The Program

    Power and Leadership: Getting Below the Surface takes a holistic approach to building leadership and managing change, rooting techniques for professional growth in your core values and motivations. You'll develop a personal charter model to guide your behavior on solo, team and organization-wide projects. A full-day team simulation will give you the chance to put these principles into action as you grapple with group decision-making, customer difficulties, departmental silos and other realities of change management. Finally, you'll take these habits out in the field at Falls River with a half-day ropes course. 

    Where You'll Excel

    • Discover the powerful belief-centered practices of master leaders.
    • Learn why convincing others to follow your lead can backfire.
    • Break free from the typical thought patterns that limit your ability to inspire.
    • Activate your sense of personal power while you collaborate and encourage others.
    • Master fears and personal discomfort in pursuit of shared beliefs.
    • Practice new techniques for managing work/life balance. 

    Schedule & Topics

    • Why Managers Do What They Do
    • Balancing Your Life
    • Building and Leading World-Class Teams
    • Creating Your Personal Leadership Style
    • Developing Personal and Organizational Charters for Action
    • How Feelings Affect Performance
    • Leading in Crisis
    • Leading Strategic Change
    • Building Executive Lifestyles


    You'll walk away from Power and Leadership with:

    • The ability to collaborate successfully across disciplines, especially in high-stakes situations
    • First-hand experience with the techniques that work best to motivate others through change
    • Deepened self-awareness and understanding of your intrinsic leadership style, including when it's most likely to shine and how to manage even when it doesn't
    • Renewed appreciation for your personal strengths and the insights and talents of teammates 
    • Improved energy and a renewed sense of purpose, including clear personal and professional goals to help you chase what really matters to you


    This course is designed for managers who believe that leadership extends beyond the boardroom. It will appeal to those who operate in high-stakes situations, including innovators, change managers, efficiency experts, cross-disciplinary collaborators, and emerging executives ready to bring their latent strengths to the fore and their practice from good to great.


    James R. Detert (Jim)

    James R. Detert (Jim)

    Leadership and Organizational Behavior
    Bidhan L. Parmar

    Bidhan L. Parmar

    Strategy, Ethics and Entrepreneurship

    Location & Accommodations

    Darden School of Business
    Charlottesville, Virginia

    As a participant, you'll stay in a private room at the Inn at Darden, our highly rated hotel adjacent to the classroom buildings and dining center. Accommodations are included in your tuition.

    Tuition & Certificates

    $9,450 covers materials, meals and accommodations at the Inn at Darden.

    By taking this course, you will earn one week of credit toward a Certificate in Leadership   or  Management.