• The Program At A Glance

    For the past several years TMS Academy and the Darden School of Business have partnered to design and develop a program to help young managers increase their effectiveness. Run in Singapore, this program is now available for a wide audience of young high potential managers and team leaders throughout Asia. Participation is by application.

    Led by two of Darden's most highly rated teaching faculty over 5 intensive days, the Young LEADERS! Program provides young managers with the insights and tools to:

    • Gain greater self-awareness and learn how to manage themselves and others
    • Learn how to contribute as effective team players
    • Harness the diversity and strengths of each team member
    • Gain the skills to drive high performance results and motivate others
    • Acquire a tenacious mind-set and the strength to lead efficiently and effectively


    This course features a variety of activities and approaches to help you expand your leadership capabilities, including:

    • Case studies
    • 360 degree review
    • Management assessment
    • Simulations
    • Experimental exercises
    • Successful business leader speakers
    • Networking with other young, successful managers in Asia


    • People orientation
    • Business acumen
    • Continuous learning
    • Strategic perspective
    • Change leadership
    • Results focus


    You'll complete the Young LEADERS! course with the ability to:

    • Set and articulate a clear agenda and compelling sense of purpose
    • Process and integrate complex data while exhibiting flexibility
    • Develop insights and innovative workable options and solutions
    • Focus on details and big picture concepts concurrently
    • Tap into individual strengths and harness the potential of diverse teams
    • Create a nurturing environment to maximize full potential  of individuals and teams
    • Facilitate open, direct, and constructive dialogues to address issues
    • Encourage collaborative efforts and build trust and support networks


    This program is suited for newly or soon to be appointed high-potential managers. This program is a first in a series of programs offered by TMS Academy, including the LEADERS! Program and Global LEADERS! Program.


    Darden School of Business's faculty are consistently rated the 'Best teaching faculty in the world'.  Two of these 'world's best' teach on this program.

    Robert L. Carraway

    Professor Carraway is a versatile educator with substantive experience with executive audiences in North America, Asia and Europe.   His ability to fully engage executives in learning so they are able to change their thinking and initiate new approaches is especially valuable in his work with executives.

    His primary area of expertise is decision analysis which is the application of analytical techniques to support decisions.  Published in both academic and practitioner oriented journals, he has written numerous case studies and co-authored a text on quantitative analysis.

    His recent work has focused on bridging the gap between analysis and managerial judgment and intuition, both for individuals and organizations.  A particular area of interest has been the role this plays in innovation, and he has worked with many organizations to help them improve their change and innovation processes and mindset.

    Lynn A. Isabella

    Associate Professor Isabella teaches courses in organizational behavior, leadership and change and teams in the University of Virginia Darden School's MBA, MBA for Executives and Executive Education programs. She is the coauthor of two books (Alliance Competence and Leader and Teams: The Winning Partnership) and has published numerous articles in the areas of strategic alliances, change and career management. She has also researched and authored many original case studies focused on U.S. and international companies and issues.

    She has extensive international experience with companies worldwide, helping them develop their global leadership talent and organizational effectiveness.

    As a certified executive coach, Professor Isabella helps managers and executives achieve their highest leadership potential in order to do the best work of their career and inspire others to do the same.

    As a researcher, she focuses on questions of developing one's personal leadership expertise, leading change as a middle manager and the events that shape individual careers and propel organizational change. Before joining the Darden faculty in 1990, she was on the faculty of the Cox School of Business, Southern Methodist University, and taught at the Harvard Business School.