Engaging With Business Leaders

  • The Institute for Business in Society engages with business leaders across all of its programs. Notable initiatives in which the institute works collaboratively with top business practitioners include:

    • CFO Roundtable: The Institute for Business in Society convenes the Darden Strategic CFO Roundtable, a quarterly gathering of leading chief financial officers in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, to discuss, debate and share best practices for enhancing the strategic role of the CFO.
    • Champion Brand Survey: In partnership with APCO Worldwide, the Institute for Business in Society conducts a global survey, ranking of the world’s Top 100 Champion Brands, and analysis of leading business practices. Using data gathered from more than 36,000 individuals in 14 key markets around the world, the institute and APCO map out real-world implications for business practitioners and assess the potential impact to companies that use Champion Brand as a guiding corporate brand strategy.
    • “New Models of Business in Society” (MOOC) Course: Institute for Business in Society Academic Director Professor R. Edward Freeman developed and taught this massive open online course (MOOC) through Coursera. "New Models of Business in Society" examines the critical role that business plays in society and discusses new models of business that are changing the way that companies create value. Read about Professor Freeman and this course on the the institute's blog.

    Learn about more programs engaging business leaders on the Institute for Business in Society's Initiatives page.