Challenge Rules

  • Prior to the Challenge:

    • The theme for the Challenge is announced ahead of time.
    • Teams must interpret the theme and determine the best way to invest for that theme over a twelve to eighteen month investment horizon. Teams should take into account liquidity concerns when choosing their stock. Teams should choose a stock with market capitalization over $1 billion. A template will be provided.
    • Teams may use any resources available to them for research, including Bloomberg, Capital IQ, FactSet, equity research reports, and primary research.
    • Teams will be randomly divided into three brackets and the presentation order will be randomly determined for each bracket.

    Day of the Challenge:

    • Each team will pitch one stock, either a long or a short, based on the Challenge theme. Each team will have seven minutes to pitch its stock recommendation and six minutes to field questions from the judges. Time limits will be strictly enforced.
    • Detailed scoring guidelines will be provided to the judges, and each team will be evaluated on five criteria: quality of analysis, strength of thesis, strength of presentation, ability to field questions, and involvement of all members of the team in the presentation.
    • Following the presentations, the judges will complete their scoring, and the winner of each bracket will be announced.
    • For the final round presentations each team will have ten minutes to pitch its recommendation and fifteen minutes to field questions by the judges. The order of final presentations will be determined randomly.
    • Following the presentations, the judges will communicate the winner of the Challenge to the DVIC coordinators. Students and judges will participate in the University of Virginia Investing Conference (UVIC) until closing comments and recognition are completed prior to the UVIC cocktail reception. 
    • Accommodations will be provided to students on Wednesday and Thursday night, as needed.