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Richard A. Mayo Center for Asset Management - Investment Fellowship Program

Investment Fellowship Program

WHAT IS THE MAYO CENTER FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM? This program provides a financial stipend to First Year Darden students pursuing summer internships in investing roles at investment management firms or funds (e.g., public markets, real estate, private equity, etc.). Students qualifying for a fellowship will have secured a summer internship through Mayo Center-sponsored listings in DCL (no student-initiated opportunities can be supported at this time). The purpose of the program is to offer support for students in immersive investment roles in which they will have hands-on experience. Students will gain valuable experience working for an investment firm. Firms benefit from having access to talented Darden MBA students for the summer and potential hires. To promote and support student involvement with these firms, the Mayo Center provides stipends of $8,000 to supplement Fellows' summer salaries, with the sponsoring firm matching or exceeding that amount.

WHO'S IT FOR? Current MBA students pursuing careers in asset management.

WHEN IS IT? During the summer between the First and Second Years at Darden.

WHERE IS IT? Various locations.

HOW DO I APPLY? All positions qualifying for a Mayo Center Fellowship will be identified as such in DCL.

If you have questions, contact: Aaron Fernstrom (Director, Mayo Center for Asset Management)

  • Benefits & Timetable


    • 10-week summer fellowship with an investment management firm
    • Supported by the Mayo Center for Asset Management and sponsored by principals from leading investment firms
    • $8,000 (max.) matching stipend from the Mayo Center
    • $8,000 (min.) matching stipend from the sponsoring firm


    • Information Session: Week of 25 October (TBC)
    • Applications Due through DCL: Late January/Early February 2022 (Expected)
    • Interviews: February 2022 (Expected)
    • Offers Extended: Late February/Early March 2022 (Expected)
  • Student Guidelines

    To be eligible for a fellowship, students must commit to the following/meet the following requirements:

    • First-Year Darden student in good academic standing, including those in the Executive MBA Program
    • The internship duration must be at least 10 weeks. Vacations during this period may be negotiated with the company, with the ending or beginning date extended appropriately.
    • Perform any reasonable activity assigned by the company, recognizing that the company should make every effort to fully utilize the professional skills and graduate school experience that each student brings to the position.
    • Participate (with the company’s acceptance and support) in joint activities designed to support the educational process by facilitating the sharing of experience.
  • Funding & Commitments

    The Mayo Center provides $8,000 stipends for its Fellows. It is expected that the sponsoring firm will match or exceed that amount.

    Students who accept a Mayo Center Fellowship are making a formal commitment to work for the sponsoring firm. Once the fellowship has been accepted, awardees may not later rescind it in favor of another opportunity; this would be unfair to the sponsoring firms and other applicants. Mayo Center Fellows also commit, at the conclusion of the internship, to deliver a brief summary report (1,000 words), to be shared with sponsors, alumni, and senior leaders at the Mayo Center and Darden School of Business, highlighting results and accomplishments, challenges encountered, goals for the year ahead and the impact the internship had/will have on your future career. Students applying for a Mayo Center Fellowships must also accept the terms and conditions below:

    • The internship for which the fellowship is awarded is the only internship the student can take part in during the summer
    • Upon the award of a fellowship, students must notify any companies or organizations they are still interviewing with that they have accepted an offer for the summer and will withdraw from further interviews and/or internship discussions with them
    • The firm or fund the student is working for cannot be owned by any family member
  • Past Sponsors

    The following firms have partnered with us in past years:

    • BlueHawk (hedge fund)
    • Sands Capital Ventures (venture capital)
    • UVIMCO (endowment)
    • Frontier Growth (growth equity)
    • Harbert Growth Partners (growth equity)
    • Monashee Investment Management (crossover and public equities)
    • City Capital Ventures (venture capital)
    • The London Company (public equities)
    • Transform Capital (venture capital)
    • FinVC (venture capital)


    Moving forward, opportunities in venture capital will be through Darden’s Venture Capital Initiative, and through the Darden Venture Fellows program.

  • 2021 Fellows

    Lauren WippmanSands Capital Ventures
    Andrew SheltonSands Capital Ventures
    Charles PattonUVIMCO
    Ryan McCarthyMonashee Investment Management
    Marc YoungentobCity Capital Ventures
    Matt KillianMonashee Investment Management



    Moving forward, opportunities in venture capital will be through Darden’s Venture Capital Initiative, and through the Darden Venture Fellows program.

  • Current Sponsors

    Cambridge Associates
    Thorpe Abbots Capital
    Greystar Real Estate Partners
    The London Company


    Additional firms will be added as they are confirmed. All Mayo Center Fellowship opportunities for the Summer of 2022 can be found in DCL.