Meet the Team

Meet the Team - Kristian Robinson

Kristian Robinson

Associate Director of Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Recruiting

Christian WestKristian Robinson (he/him/his) is the Associate Director of Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Recruiting. In this role, he works closely with Christian West to manage diversity pipelines and initiatives within Darden Admissions, including the Consortium for Graduate Study in Management (CGSM), Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT), and ROMBA. Before Darden, Kristian has moved around student affairs and counseling positions at the University of Virginia, Wake Forest University, Virginia Commonwealth University, and the UNC System. Kristian received his Bachelor’s degrees from the University of Virginia, a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and is currently a Ph.D. Candidate in School of Education at Virginia Commonwealth University. In his free time, Kristian enjoys cooking, baking, video games, hiking, and hanging out by the river with his partner and dog.

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