Costa Rica

  • Beyond Just Ecotourism: Indigenous People, Immigration, Education and Commerce

    What will students gain from this program?

    The Costa Rica program focuses on a macro perspective, through which students will understand how businesses, organizations and individual entrepreneurs operate in a global arena. Students will get to know one another, engage, challenge themselves, and understand what it means to be leaders in a global context.

    Students can expect to learn about the businesses that take place, and the people who are involved in this area. In addition, they will get to understand the nuances of the immigrant population that exist in Costa Rica, and some of the challenges and opportunities as they exist.

    Academic Program Overview

    Students will visit sustainable farming endeavor where people will talk about several types of sustainability practices. Students will have the opportunity to engage with expats, who will share about not only what it has been like coming to and living in Costa Rica, but also the experiences that they had starting business and working in companies. Students will get the chance to talk to multinationals, and get their perspective on what it is like to operate in a global arena, as well as specific practices and policies to the local context.

    Students can expect to visit a coffee plantation. In addition, a Costa Rican investment promotion agency will share about the economic backdrop of Costa Rica, what it is like to do business there, and how the educational arena and the healthcare arena create a context in which businesses and entrepreneurs thrive. Students will get the opportunity to visit the Costa Rican Business School and its entrepreneur center.

    Faculty Lead

    Melissa Thomas-Hunt

    Program Dates

    Arrive: 19 March 2017

    Depart: 24 March 2017