• Entrepreneurship Courses

    Darden offers more than 35 electives in the area of entrepreneurship, innovation and strategy. Entrepreneurship courses include case-based, design-intensive and hands-on offerings taught by the nation’s top entrepreneurship faculty.

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    A few popular courses and academic opportunities include:

    Venturing Darden Business Projects

    Venturing Darden Business Projects are for-credit projects that challenge students to develop their own business ideas into proposals for new businesses. These projects generally include feasibility analysis and a plan for the venture’s development and funding.

    Innovation and the Design Experience

    The “Innovation and Design Experience” course examines how design thinking and innovation principles can be used to enhance the value and accelerate the development of business opportunities that deliver organic growth. View other entrepreneurship courses.

    Technology Accelerator

    The “Technology Accelerator” course brings together students from Darden and other UVA schools to collaborate in identifying market needs, finding technologies (in the broad sense of the term, not just IT) appropriate to address those needs, and developing a business plan. View other entrepreneurship courses.

    Venture Capital Bootcamp

    Darden's Venture Capital Bootcamp is an intensive two-and-a-half day workshop for highly motivated MBA students interested in careers in venture capital and entrepreneurship.

    Entrepreneurship Concentration

    During the Second Year, students can also choose to declare a concentration in entrepreneurship. Students fulfilling this concentration develop their entrepreneurial affinity and an understanding of the fundamentals of effectual and causal thinking. They also graduate with a set of skills based on academic study and experiential work that allows them to be confident in starting a new venture.

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