Research Grant Program

  • Each year the Batten Institute solicits grant proposals from faculty members of the University of Virginia who conduct rigorous and relevant research about entrepreneurship and innovation. Their research results in high-impact intellectual outputs consistent with the missions of the Darden School and the University of Virginia.

    Proposals for the Batten Institute research grant program are reviewed by a committee that includes members of Darden’s Research and Course Development Committee and Batten Institute leadership. Researchers may use the grants — $10,000, on average — to cover research-related expenses such as data collection, research assistance, and travel. Grant recipients are expected to produce papers for publication in peer-reviewed journals, as well as conference presentations and books for both scholarly and business practitioner audiences.

    Proposal Deadline: 1 May 2016
    Please submit your proposal using this Qualtrics Form

    For more details about the current grant cycle, please see the Request For Proposals (pdf), Sample Submission No. 1 (pdf) and Sample Submission No. 2 (pdf).

    2015–16 Grant Recipients

    Yael Grushka-Cockayne (Darden) 
    Measuring Venture Capital Networks

    Natasha Foutz (McIntire School of Commerce)
    Idea Markets for New Products: Influence of Participants Network on Idea Sourcing and Idea Evaluation
    Impact of Self-disclosure on the Effectiveness of Consumer Reviews of Innovations

    Michael Gorman (School of Engineering and Applied Science)
    The Narrative of Innovation

    Edward D. Hess (Darden) 
    Learning: The Power of Humility 

    Jeanne Liedtka (Darden) 
    Continuing Design Thinking

    Pedro Matos (Darden) 
    Financial Globalization and Corporate Innovation 

    Sonal Pandya (Department of Politics)
    Social and Political Spillovers of Foreign Direct Investment: Evidence from India 

    Phillip E. Pfeifer (Darden) 
    When to Hire the First Employee? Behavioral Evidence and Insights

    Saras Sarasvathy (Darden) 
    Further Research: Effectuation

    Rajkumar Venkatesan (Darden) 
    New Product Launch Decisions in Emerging Markets

    2014-15 Grant Recipients
    2013–14 Grant Recipients