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Batten Institute - Venture Internship Program

Batten Venture Internship Program

WHAT IS THE BATTEN VENTURE INTERNSHIP PROGRAM? This program provides Darden students the opportunity to pursue summer internships with startups and venture capital (VC) firms. In addition, students may choose to work for search funds, recent grads conducting a search or their portfolio companies. Students gain the experience of working for a VC firm, startup, or closely held enterprise and the companies benefit from having access to talented Darden MBA students for the summer and potential hires. To promote and support student involvement with these firms, the Batten Institute Fund provides a matching stipend to supplement a student’s summer salary. 

WHO'S IT FOR? Current MBA students interested in entrepreneurship but not already committed to launching their own venture.

WHEN IS IT? During the summer between the First and Second Years at Darden. 

WHERE IS IT? Various locations.

HOW DO I SIGN UP? See application information in tabs below.
If you have questions, contact:

Michele Rankin (Senior Director, Digital Off-Grounds Recruiting & Specialized Careers)
MJ Toms (Director, Education & Experiential Learning, Batten Institute)


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  • Dates & Student Guidelines

    Dates & Student Guidelines

    Last Day for BVIP Offers: Date TBA

    Student Guidelines

    Students are asked to commit to the following:

    • Work from approximately 1 June–8 August. Vacations during this period may be negotiated with the company, with the ending or beginning date extended appropriately. 
    • Perform any reasonable activity assigned by the company, recognizing that the company should make every effort to fully utilize the professional skills and graduate school experience that each student brings to the assignment. 
    • Participate (with the company’s acceptance and support) in joint activities designed to support the educational process by facilitating the sharing of experience
    • This program is available only to students between the First and Second Year of their studies
  • Student-Initiated Positions

    Student-Initiated Positions

    Through their own networking, students may initiate their BVIP opportunity with a start-up, closely held enterprise, VC, or VC/angel-funded portfolio company. Follow the company guidelines information to structure a meaningful internship. Each case will be evaluated on its merit, but for positions with startups, the approval process is straight forward. (Contact Michele Rankin in The Career Center Office if you plan to go this route.) The amount of funding available for support is limited, so apply early.

    With your resume we recommend a one-page cover letter submission that includes:

    • Your passion for the world of entrepreneurship/venture capital
    • Your experience and skills that relate to the world of entrepreneurship, venture capital and becoming an owner/operator
    • Your understanding of — and experience in — the space/context in which the company operates or will operate
    • Address your flexibility, your business analysis strengths, business development strengths, etc.
    • Answer the question: Why should this company hire you for this opportunity?  
  • Requirements


    Students applying for a BVIP must accept the terms and conditions below, or funding may not be approved or forfeited:

    • Student cannot accept any other internships, either from on-Grounds or off-Grounds sources.
    • Student must notify any companies or organizations they are still interviewing with that they have accepted an offer for the summer and will withdraw from further interviews and/or internship discussions with them.
    • BVIP internship is the only internship the student can take part in during summer.
    • The company the student is working for cannot be owned by any family member.
  • Typical Projects

    Typical Projects

    Competitive Assessment

    Conduct value chain analysis for an industry/market. Conduct financial analysis of competitors, partners and potential candidates. Research plans to combat competitors or create partnerships to strengthen the value chain.

    Brand/ Product Strategy

    Develop short and/or long term strategy for a brand in the marketplace. Analyze customer trends and identify key issues facing current and future business. Formulate an annual marketing plan. Generate ideas for product improvement and product mix strategies. Evaluate partnership opportunities.

    Operational Analysis

    Review existing operational structures, functional overlap and integration, best practices. Provide recommendations for improving and streamlining operational processes and systems.

    Planning and Analysis Development

    Perform project analyses and investment assessments to support growth activities. Conduct industry research, best practices, internal and external financial analysis and decision analysis.

    Market Strategy

    Analyze market trends, needs and structure. Identify emerging opportunities and/or underserved markets.

    Management Function Analysis

    Evaluate existing systems and processes in support of both system and management structures. Provide recommendations for improving processes and systems to enhance management functions.

    Finance Function Analysis

    Evaluate existing financial models, reporting and packages. Provide recommendations for redesigning models, tools, processes and systems. Work with investors and management to create enhanced reporting strategies to support both internal and external strategic goals.

    Business Plan Preparation and Review

    Create templates and assist company management in writing executive summary, full business plans and appendices; develop marketing materials to send to prospective investors, develop targets of opportunity.

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