Darden Ph.D. Program

The Darden Ph.D. Program

The University of Virginia Darden School of Business offers an intellectually demanding doctoral program for a select group of high-potential applicants. Distinguished by its top-ranked faculty and world-class research centers, the doctoral program will train you as an academic researcher capable of contributing to the cutting edge research in business and management and provide you with the skills you will need for a successful career as a professor.

Ed Freeman

Strategy, Ethics & Entrepreneurship

Darden's Strategy, Ethics, and Entrepreneurship (SEE) Ph.D. Program is unique in its integration of these three fields of study. While students will focus on one of the three tracks (either Strategy, Ethics, or Entrepreneurship), we place emphasis on the intersection of these topics. We bring a unique Darden perspective to creating and sustaining value -- not only for the firm, but for the stakeholders involved and for the society within which the firm operates.

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Quantitative Analysis

Data Analytics and Decision Science

Darden's Data Analytics and Decision Science Ph.D. Program is focused on mathematical methodology with business applications and includes dynamic programming, game theory, mechanism design, machine learning, optimization, search theory, wisdom of crowds, forecasting, decision analysis, pricing and revenue management, and behavioral models of human decision making.

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Where the Brightest Minds Converge

Jeanne Liedtka

The Darden doctoral faculty includes an unparalleled collection of penetrating business minds. With a longstanding combination of academic excellence and real-world experience, professors introduce Ph.D. candidates to research and publishing opportunities that aim to push candidates' purpose toward professional reward.