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Darden Alumni Benefits Package

Darden Alumni Benefits Package

Your Darden alumni status comes with a suite of benefits. We’re excited to share these resources and opportunities designed to support you in your personal and professional journey.

Global Network Access

Step into a global powerhouse of over 19,000 alumni across 90+ countries, including 1,000+ volunteers. Leverage the Directory to connect, collaborate and engage with fellow alumni. Make sure to keep your employer and location information updated so that people can find you too!

Engagement Opportunities

Your Darden alumni status is more than a title — it's an action. Stay connected to your class, affinities, industries and passions. Volunteering not only gives you even greater access to the alumni community, but it also enriches your professional profile.

Fill out Alumni Interest Form to let us know how you want to engage.

  1. Chapter Leadership
    Take on a leadership role and make a difference in your local Darden community.

  2. Class Engagement & Reunion Committee
    Stay connected with your class and help plan reunion activities and events.

  3. Reunion Committees
    Help plan memorable reunions that bring Darden alumni together.

  4. Affinity Group and Women@Darden Leadership
    Contribute to the empowerment and advancement of affinity groups at Darden.

  5. Hire Darden Alumni and Students
    Leverage the skills and talent within the Darden community for open positions within your organization.

  6. Admissions Support
    Share your Darden experience with prospective students and help them navigate the admissions process.

  7. Classroom or Student Club Speakers
    Share your expertise and insights with current students.

  8. Attend Events and Reunions
    Attend regional events and save the date for Reunion (26-28 April 2024) for classes ending in 4s and 9s, along with the class of 2023.

Exclusive Resources & Benefits

As a Darden School of Business graduate, you have access to a range of exclusive resources and benefits designed to enhance your professional development and keep you connected with current business trends. These tailored advantages have been carefully crafted to provide you with the best possible support and ensure your continued success in the business world.

  1. Alumni Career Services
    Degreed alumni can take advantage of complimentary career and executive coaching, resources, events and job platform- Darden Career Link.

  2. Executive Education & Lifelong Learning
    Enjoy a 30% discount on all programs (with the exception of TEP), which extends to your colleagues when you register as a group of two or more. 

  3. Access to Cases and Webinars
    Continue your education with access to Darden's case collection and webinars.

  4. Ideas to Action
    Gain insights from Darden's thought leadership content.

  5. Special Offers at The Forum Hotel
    Enjoy luxurious on-Grounds lodging and dining.

  6. The Darden Report Magazine & Newsletter
    Stay informed with Darden's premier communications.

  7. Email for Life
    Degreed alumni can stay connected with a professional email that carries the Darden brand.

  8. Highlight Your Success
    Add a valuable reference to your LinkedIn profile. Share your accomplishments with the Darden Family.

Be a Darden Champion

As alumni, you can help shape the future of Darden.

Support Darden.

Here's how you can contribute:

  1. Open Doors to Hire Students & Alumni
    Your influence can create opportunities for the Darden community.

  2. Refer and yield students
    Your recommendation can bring future leaders to Darden.

  3. Spread the word about degree programs
    Your voice can raise awareness about Darden's diverse offerings.

  4. Activate the brand on social media
    Your online presence can amplify Darden's reach and reputation.

  5. Join the Darden Alumni LinkedIn Group
    Keep up with alumni, happenings and job postings.

  6. Connect your LinkedIn profile to the Darden school page
    Be sure your Education profile connects you to fellow Darden alumni!

Invest in Darden: Annual Giving

Just as a new job often includes a 401(k) match, consider your annual gift to Darden as an investment in the future. This isn't just about giving back; it's about fueling the ongoing value of your Darden experience and degree.

Your contribution to the Darden Annual Fund supports:

  1. Scholarships
    Help the best and brightest choose Darden. This is your chance to directly impact the lives of future Darden students.

  2. Innovation
    Seed funding for new programs and initiatives. Be a part of Darden's evolution and growth.

  3. Inclusive Excellence
    Contribute to Darden's mission of inclusivity. Help us build a community that reflects the diversity of the world.

  4. Student Clubs & Organizations
    Support student-led groups. Enhance the student experience outside the classroom.

  5. Flexible Funds
    Direct aid where it's needed most. Your gift can help address immediate needs and unexpected challenges.


Every gift counts. Be a part of Darden’s future.

Stay Connected

  1. Remember to update your Alumni Directory address to receive invitations to events and opportunities.

  2. For any queries or suggestions, feel free to contact us. We're always here to help you make the most of your Darden Alumni Benefits Package.