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Research Community

Darden is a distinctive and energizing place. We care deeply about creating new research that makes core contributions to academic literature, yet we also care passionately about speaking to the world of practice and pursuing ideas that matter to how we live.  

Darden is one of the top business schools in the world known for its best-in-class MBA program and transformational learning experiences.  Darden has been consistently ranked the world’s best educational experience and our faculty have been ranked the best in the world.

Our faculty are global experts on a wide variety of topics and are routinely asked to speak and consult with business leaders and policy makers. They publish in the leading academic journals and are leaders within their respective fields, serving as editors, conference chairs, and society presidents. Most importantly, they embrace conversations and engagement across disciplinary bounds. Our faculty recognize that Darden is a vibrant community, and they enthusiastically contribute to a robust intellectual atmosphere.

Our research is supported by a robust infrastructure including our Office of Research Services and affiliated Behavioral and Data Labs. In addition, Darden houses several world-class research centers that support and amplify our scholarship. 


As part of our research community, you will be surrounded by world-class scholars, outstanding teachers and student colleagues who will push you to do your best work and grow as an emerging scholar. Contributing to this intellectual exchange is a robust set of seminar series, including:

  • CORE

  • Finance Brownbag



Get To Know the Faculty in Their Own Words

Andy Wicks

'Office Hours' Podcast: Highlighting the Research of Professor Andy Wicks

An ethicist with a background in religious studies, Wicks examines both the theoretical and practical implications of ethics through thought-provoking courses such as: "Responsible Leadership: Ultimate Questions and Creating Value for Stakeholders"; "Leadership, Values and Ethics"; "Servant Leadership"; and "Contemporary Issues in Business Ethics." 

Manel Baucells

'Office Hours' Podcast: Highlighting the Research of Professor Manel Baucells

Baucells' research focuses on incorporating psychological realism into consumer behavior models by considering factors such as reference point formation, mental accounting, psychological distance, anticipation, fatigue, and satiation; and examines how these factors influence risk and time preferences, consumer choices, and managerial decisions.

Mike Lenox

Podcast: The Business of a Sustainable Future with Professor Mike Lenox

Lenox shares insights from his extensive work on climate change and sustainability, including findings from his recent books "Can Business Save the Earth" (2018) and "The Decarbonization Imperative" (2021), both from Stanford University Press in this conversation that also covers topics about what led him to Darden, why he thinks lecturing is dead, and why he’s so passionate about Darden’s high-engagement learning environment. Also, get to know Prof. Lenox in this brief video profile.

Rupert Freeman

Podcast: Forecasting Competitions and Prediction Markets with Rupert Freeman 

Freeman’s work focuses on eliciting information from individuals and using that information to make decisions that are both fair and economically efficient. This discussion focuses on some of his work on crowdsourced forecasting: how can we incentivize forecasters to accurately report information they have about future events.