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Southeast Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition Series

WHAT IS THE SOUTHEAST ENTREPRENEURSHIP THROUGH ACQUISITION SERIES? The series educates, encourages and equips current students and recent MBA graduates in pursuit of the acquisition and operation of a small or mid-sized business. Through three sessions we guide participants to answer three key questions:

1) Should I search and acquire a company?

2) Am I at the right point in my career to pursue this path?

3) How should I go about my search?

We will examine the backgrounds, risk profiles, skill sets and personalities of individuals who have successfully pursued this path. We will also delve into the different models for identifying, acquiring and running these businesses so that participants can select the model that best fits their situation. In addition, we will highlight the lifestyle associated with being a searcher and a small company CEO. We will introduce those who are interested in moving forward on this path to the rapidly growing community of investors, advisors and current CEOs in the Southeastern United States that can help them on their journey.

WHO'S IT FOR? Current graduate business students, recent alumni and mid-career professionals located in the Southeast United States.

WHEN IS IT? Three consecutive Wednesday afternoons at 4:00pm EST: 14 October 2020 | 21 October 2020 | 28 October 2020

WHERE IS IT? Virtual

HOW DO I SIGN UP? Visit the SEETA website

QUESTIONS? Madelyn Taylor, Assistant Director of Student Programs, Batten Institute