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The Batten Institute offers a portfolio of programs and other resources that enable innovators and entrepreneurs from Darden, the University of Virginia and beyond to transform new ideas into value-creating ventures. Since 2000, our venture and innovation programs have:

  • Supported more than 275 companies and over 500 founding team members
  • Provided over $1.5 million in grants to founding teams
  • Enabled founding teams to raise about $150 million in equity capital and over $250 million across all forms of capital
  • Led to the creation of up to 50 new jobs  and in some cases over 100 jobs  by each cohort
Entrepreneurs discuss strategic opportunities.


Catalyst is a long-format accelerator, providing early-stage startups in central Virginia with nine months of program support, including: $20,000 in grant funding, dedicated workspace, experienced founders-in-residence, monthly programming, dedicated staff, a large network of industry experts and access to nearly $50,000 in additional resources.

The program is a multi-stakeholder initiative, funded, in part, by the Batten Institute, and a collaboration among a range of public and private organizations in Central Virginia.

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Two entrepreneurs speak to a visitor at an incubator open house in 2018.


The Incubator Program supports the development of new entrepreneurs and the growth of promising early-stage ventures from the Charlottesville community. Support includes a variety of programs, funding, workspace, committed mentors, industry experts, legal services, a community of founders and funders and connections to a range of additional resources. The Incubator is operated by the Batten Institute.

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