• Pictured: A resettlement village near a new hydropower reservoir in Laos, captured during Teresa Culver's work to investigate the control of malaria via reservoir operations.

    Below is the event calendar for the current academic year. You can also  review past events from the Global Water Initiative.


    March 22, 5 p.m., Clark Hall 107
    Screening of Ocean Cities, a documentary by Professor Tim Beatley, for World Water Events


    16 February, 2-3:15 p.m., Olsson Hall 120
    Keynote Address, World Water Events, Professor  Lex Van Geen, Columbia University

    1 February, 3:30 p.m., Clark Hall 108
    Paul Bukavecas, Virginia Commonwealth University


    16 November, Monroe Hall 134
    Water Research Workshop with Band Lawrence (Environmental Science) and Molly Lipscomb (Batten Policy School)

    3 November, Monroe Hall 134
    Water Research Workshop with Safa Montesharei (Maryland), and Salvi Asefi Najafabadi (GWI postdoc)


    25 October
    Damming Eden, Water Security in Turkey, Syria and Iraq by Julia Harte (Reuters)

    20 October
    Water Research Workshop With Geoff Geise and Chris Gratien

    6 October
    Frank Wolak (Stanford), organized by the Batten Public Policy Center


    22 September
    Water Research Workshop, Climate Change and Water with Deborah Lawrence