Global Water Initiative

Global Water Initiative - Education


Educational Opportunities for Students at UVA and Beyond

While research is at the University of Virginia Global Water Initiative’s (GWI) core, equally important is knowledge dissemination. The initiative seeks to demonstrate to UVA students and water experts through classes, seminars and field projects that water management is better served when scientific and engineering considerations are infused with social and economic insight.

The initiative plans to develop new, innovative classes, including an inspiring and foundational water class available to all UVA students irrespective of their discipline. The course will be based around the initiative’s three research clusters and it will also be developed as a massive open online course on water in order to lift the GWI’s impact as a global educator.

Students are involved in ongoing and future field projects in the United States and overseas (e.g., South Africa, Southeast Asia, Central America) with The Nature Conservancy, international partners and UVA’s Yamuna River Project.

The GWI also plans to ignite a conversation at UVA about sustainable, water-conscious living with a course for engineering and architecture students to design a physical GWI home on Grounds, which will push the envelope in water management as well as inspire.


Water Related Courses at UVA

CE2100/CE2110: Introduction to Environmental Engineering and Lab
CE 2500: Sustainability Science
CE 3210/CE 3212: Fluid Mechanics and Lab
CE 4210: Storm Water Management
CE 5280: Groundwater Hydrology and Contaminant Transport
CE 3100: Water for the World
Darden 8626: Global Economics of Water
EVSC4290/7290: Limnology; In-land Water Ecosystems
HIME 1501: Water, Energy, and Politics in the Middle East
HIST 1501: Water
PPOL 6752: Sustainability Policy Design and Evaluation