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The Advisor

The Advisor

The Advisor is a newsletter dedicated to highlighting the activities of Darden Capital Management (DCM), a student run club responsible for managing a portion of Darden’s endowment. Each edition features a Q&A session with an asset manager, a review of the funds’ activities and holdings as well as several stock pitches from current DCM members.

This newsletter has two objectives: to raise awareness of Darden Capital Management and to contribute to Darden’s recognition as a high-caliber finance and asset management school. The publication will be distributed electronically two times a year, positioned so that the Leadership team can reflect on the fund activity.

The newsletter is distributed electronically to the current Darden community, members of the Darden Foundation investment committee, Darden and UVA alumni working in the asset management industry, prior Darden Capital Management Portfolio Managers and contacts of Darden Capital Management members.

The leadership team looks forward to sharing the activities of Darden Capital Management.

Parallel to The Advisor, the Darden EMBA fund publishes their Darden Executive Fund Report annually. The Executive leadership team looks forward to sharing the activities of the Darden Executive MBA Fund. 

To be added to the electronic distribution list send an email to: [email protected]


Current Issue

Spring 2024

With great pleasure, we at Darden Capital Management (DCM) bring you the Q1 2024 edition of The Advisor. In the following pages, you will find letters from each of our six Senior Portfolio Managers (SPMs) detailing fund activity and selected investment pitches. Our Class of 28 students was immensely grateful and honored for the opportunity to learn through hands-on experience managing over $30 million on behalf of the Darden Foundation, and we believe that DCM is in strong hands with the Class of 2025.


Current Issue

2023 Annual Report

The Sabre Fund invests in large and mid-cap stocks for long-term growth potential. The fund aims to exceed its benchmark returns while taking comparable risk and providing hands-on experience for the DEF team. As of March 31, 2023, the portfolio has a market value of $130,721 and achieved a return of 7.25% for the year, outperforming its benchmark by 1.31%.