Past Events

  • The Mayo Center events support the center’s mission by facilitating conversations between faculty and practitioners around issues of importance to asset managers.

    18th Annual Financial Panel 

    18th Annual Financial Panel

    The Mayo Center was proud to sponsor the 18th Annual Financial Panel. Co-hosted with the Virginia Club of New York and the Darden New York Alumni Chapter, the panel was moderated by TylerMathisen (UVA CLAS ’76) and included distinguished panelists Pedro Matos (Academic Director of the Mayo Center and Faculty, UVA Darden), Celia Dallas (Darden ’96 and Chief Investment Strategist at Cambridge Associates), Nina Scherago (Darden ‘86 and Managing Partner at Edgehill Endowment Partners) and Tad Smith (Darden ‘87 and Vice Chairman at JP Morgan Private Bank).

    2018 CEIBS Private Wealth Investment Forum in Shanghai
    2018 CEIBS Private Wealth Investment Forum

    Darden and UVA Miller Center Host Former Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner

    Timothy Geithner

    "Bitcoin: Investment or Illusion?" in NYC
    Bitcoin: Investment or Illusion?

    Professor Yiorgos Allayannis led a discussion on the case “Bitcoin: Investment or Illusion?” on 19 April 2018 in New York City. The event was co-hosted by the Richard A. Mayo Center for Asset Management and the Darden New York Alumni Chapter. 

    Workshop on Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

    Workshop on Cryptocurrencies

    The Mayo Center was proud to serve as a sponsor of a recent workshop on blockchain and cryptocurrencies held at the Darden School. Co-hosted by the Adam Smith Society, the workshop was led by Mayo Center Associate Director Aaron Fernstrom (MBA ’15). Fernstrom, co-author of An Introduction to Blockchain and Bitcoin: Investment or Illusion, helped walk a capacity crowd of students and faculty through the basics of blockchain and the present and future of bitcoin. 

    2018 Darden Economic Forecast 

    Economic Forecast

    The Mayo Center was proud to serve as a sponsor of the 2018 Darden Economic Forecast at the Jefferson Hotel in Richmond, VA. Keynote speakers Alan Beckenstein, Professor of Business Administration at the Darden School of Business, and Nick Sargen, Chief Economist and Senior Investment Advisor for Fort Washington Investment Advisors, discussed current economic activity and gave their economic forecasts for the coming year. 

    NSE-ECGI Roundtable

    NSE ECGI Roundtable

    Academic Director Pedro Matos gave the keynote presentation at a NSE-ECGI Roundtable on the long-term impact of institutional ownership on governance and sustainable investment held by the National Stock Exchange of India in Mumbai on November 13th. The roundtable focused on the role of foreign institutional investors and proxy advisory firms in promoting corporate governance. His presentation provided academic evidence in other markets and debated the policy implications of such evidence for Indian capital markets.

    Click here to view the slides from the presentation.

    CFA Presentations of "An Assessment of Dual-Class Shares in Brazil"

    Matos CFA Hong Kong Matos CFA Brazil 1

    Academic Director Pedro Matos presented his report “ An Assessment of Dual-Class Shares in Brazil” at a CFA Institute event held in Hong Kong on June 7th and at a CFA event in Sao Paulo on May 9th. Since its publication, the report has received front-page news coverage in Brazil and was cited in  Vale (the global mining giant) in its investor presentation announcing that it is adopting a single-class structure. After his presentation on the lessons from the Brazilian experience, he moderated a discussion on dual-class shares in Asia with senior representatives from local regulators, the stock exchange and other market participants. A Q&A session with Professor Matos is featured in an  article in the August Issue of Asia Asset Management written by Mary Leung.

    New York Financial Panel

    2017 NY Financial Panel

    The Mayo Center was proud to serve as a sponsor as part of the 10th anniversary of the University of Virginia Investing Conference Speaker Series. Co-hosted by The Virginia Club of New York and the Darden New York Alumni Chapter, the Annual Financial Panel, was moderated by Tyler Mathisen (CLAS ’76) who led a discussion on investor optimism with distinguished panelists  Rich Evans (Faculty, UVA Darden),  Catherine Keating (UVA Law ’87, President and CEO, Commonfund) and  Larry Kochard (UVA MA ’96, UVA A&S Ph.D. CEO and Chief Investment Officer, UVIMCO).

    CEIBS-Darden Investment Forum

    CEIBS Private Wealth Investment Forum 2017 4

    CEIBS Private Wealth Investment Forum 2017 5

    The Darden School of Business and China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) hosted the eighth CEIBS Private Wealth Investment Forum on Saturday 8 April in Shanghai. Through partnership with CEIBS, the conference expanded the Darden School’s annual Shanghai Investing Summit. At the forum, thought leaders from the schools and industry experts led discussions centered around investment from the CEO’s perspective. The forum was sponsored by Darden’s Richard A. Mayo Center for Asset Management and the CEIBS Shoushan Centre for Wealth Management.

    The Brexit Unknown: Britain's Boom or Bust?

    Allayannis Brexit 2017

    On the exact day that Theresa May triggered Article 50 and set the United Kingdom on the path to ‘Brexit,’ Professor Yiorgos Allayannis led a case discussion on the investing implications of Brexit. As part of his global capital markets class and, in conjunction with professional investors and Darden alumni, Professor Allyannis challenged the group about implications of a major geopolitical event. The case itself, developed with the Mayo Center, will be presented in Boston as well.  

    Academic & Practitioner Conference on Mutual Funds and ETFs

    ICI _ Mayo Center

    Co-hosted by the Investment Company Institute and the Richard A. Mayo Center for Asset Management, Darden School of Business, University of Virginia. The two-day conference consisted of four panel discussions and four invited academic papers. Academic papers were presented by the author and have a practitioner discussant and an academic discussant. 

    Roundtable Breakfast Series

    Breakfast Roundtable MCAM

    The Mayo Center hosts periodic roundtable breakfast series across the country for practicing asset managers, Darden alumni and friends of the Darden School. These roundtables encourage practicing managers to exchange ideas and compare strategies within an academic setting moderated by Darden faculty. 

    Research Grant Program

    Each spring, the Mayo Center solicits grant proposals from UVA faculty members conducting rigorous and relevant research about asset management.