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Venturing Projects (x)

WHAT IS VP(x)? Through VP(x), the Batten Institute provides select Darden students with enhanced support for developing ideas for new ventures.

Support includes:

  • Proposal development assistance, including establishing meaningful learning objectives and measurable outcomes
  • Faculty advising for venturing independent studies
  • Regular milestone coaching and ongoing check-ins
  • Feedback on deliverables
  • Mentorship for validating, iterating and advancing the venture project, consistent with academic requirements

WHO'S IT FOR? VP(x) is for current Darden Second Year students pursuing their own venture idea via an independent study.

WHEN IS IT? Applications are due as follows:
    MBA Program (SY): (Q1) 11 August 2022, (Q2) 13 October 2022, (Q3) 6 January 2023, (Q4) 10 March 2023
    EMBA Program: (Q7) 8 August 2022, (Q8) 30 September 2022, (Q9) 11 December 2022, (Q10) 10 February 2023


For more information: Contact Jason Brewster.