The Behavioral Research at Darden (BRAD) Lab

BRAD Lab For Researchers

For Researchers

With additional guidelines impacted by the Covid-19 Pandemic changing, the BRAD Lab continues to adhere to measures taken by the UVA Office of the Vice President for Research (VPR). Please see the VPR website for more information. Please reach out to us at [email protected] if you have questions concerning online or in-lab study operations. If you would like to run an in-lab study, please fill out the lab project proposal form

iProtocol Notice

Starting on January 21, 2019 all protocol submission to UVA IRB-SBS will have to be done through iProtocol. You can learn more about iProtocol and the Revised Common Rule via the UVA website.

Access the iProtocol Portal

In order to use the Lab resources, please review the guidelines below. If you are a UVA researcher outside of the Darden School of Business, please click here to view policies on BRAD Lab usage in addition to the below. Please familiarize yourself with the guidelines of the UVA Institutional Review Board (IRB).

  • Important Guidelines

    BRAD Lab Researcher Guidelines

    As a researcher, you'll need to know about the UVA Institutional Review Board, the details of using the BRAD Lab and how to use SONA Systems. This guide describes best practices when using BRAD Lab to conduct behavioral research experiments.

    Contact Us (Early)

    Before submitting your IRB protocol, please contact Ornuma Wawsri, BRAD Lab Director or the BRAD Lab Coordinator.

    We can help ensure your logistics, costs, and other study details are feasible given our space configurations. We will also begin the process of reserving the appropriate space(s) for your study. The sooner you let us know your plan, the better we can help you.

    Lab Space and Facilities

    BRAD Lab has one computer lab with 24 computer stations and 6 small focus research rooms each equipped with computer stations. Both the computer lab and research labs are equipped with video recording cameras using VALT IVS software. BRAD Lab has 24 sets of headphones available.

    Voluntary Participation and IRB Requirements

    Following IRB requirements, participation in behavioral research is entirely voluntary and participants may withdraw at any point and still receive compensation. The IRB office is located at One Morton Dr., Suite 500. They can be reached at +1-434-924-5999 and at [email protected]. The homepage of the IRB-SBS is available via their website. The research protocol forms can be downloaded via their website and the iProtocol portal can be accessed here.

    Researchers should follow the confidentiality requirements promoted by the IRB. Information about confidentiality is available via the website.

    Every study MUST get IRB approval prior to being conducted at BRAD Lab.

    Submit a BRAD Lab Study Project Proposal Form

    After receiving your IRB approval number, please submit a formal request to use BRAD Lab via our study project proposal form. After we review the information you provide, we will contact you to set up a meeting to discuss study logistics and proceed with the experiment.

    Study Project Proposal Form


    By using the services of BRAD Lab, the researcher accepts responsibility for acknowledging our support in the resulting intellectual outputs, including but not limited to: papers, articles, briefings, books, teaching cases, and conferences.


    In order to use the services of BRAD Lab, the researcher must read and agree to the BRAD Lab policies on conduction of research. Click here to read the lab policies.

    For more information, please contact us at [email protected].

    Thank you!

  • Institutional Review Board

    The UVA Institutional Review Board (IRB) for the Social and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Virginia is the IRB responsible for reviewing all non-medical behavioral human research for compliance with federally-mandated research guidelines. Behavioral studies require prior approval of University of Virginia's Institutional Review Board for Social and Behavioral Sciences. Learn more about the training and resources available below. 

    UVA IRB CITI Training

    All researchers listed on an IRB protocol must have UVA IRB CITI Training or comparable ethics training approved by the UVA IRB Office. If you are a researcher interested in conducting a study with the BRAD Lab, please click here to view instructions for completing UVA CITI training.

    IRB Documents

    IRB policies and procedures can be downloaded via the UVA website

  • Using the Lab

    Requesting the Lab

    If you are interested in collecting data, please submit a BRAD Lab Study Project Proposal Form using the button below. Requested details include the expected study duration, a link to the questionnaire, applicable pre-screen restrictions, IRB approval number and any special requirements. If you have any questions, please contact the Lab Director.

    Study Project Proposal Form

    Lab Location and Directions

    BRAD Lab is located on the Ground Floor of the Darden Camp Library. Please refer to the maps provided below for directions.

    Participant Payment

    Compensation depends on the type and length of the study. Researchers may use flat fees or performance-based rewards. The payment can be either gift card or cash.  

    If you have any questions, please contact the Lab Coordinator

    Equipment and Resources

    BRAD Lab has one computer lab with 24 computer stations and 6 small focus research rooms each equipped with computer stations. Both the computer lab and research labs are equipped with video recording cameras using VALT IVS software. BRAD Lab has 24 sets of headphones available.

    BRAD Lab Combined Study 

    The BRAD Lab Combined Study initiative provides researchers with monthly opportunities to collect research data at Darden. The studies will be held once a month. The cost of staffing and participant payments will be shared in proportion to the time spent by participants on each study. For more information, please contact the Lab Director.

    Hiring Research Assistants

    All research assistants are selected and hired by the Lab Director. Our research assistants have completed human subjects research training as a requirement of all researchers at UVA who conduct human subject research. They have obtained valid CITI certification from Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI). BRAD Lab research assistants are selected and hired by the lab to assist with conducting research. 

    Recruit Participants

    BRAD Lab utilizes various ways to recruit participants to join the lab participant pool. Our current pool consists of both students and working people inside and outside the UVA community. If you have any questions regarding using the lab pool or recruiting specific populations, please contact the Lab Coordinator

    BRAD Lab holds tabling sessions on Grounds, at the Charlottesville Farmer Market, and at the Friday After Five venue as an effort to recruit the Charlottesville community into our pool. During the tabling efforts, we can run short studies that are ideal for a pilot test. If researchers are interested in running a short study during tabling sessions, please contact the Lab Coordinator

  • Using SONA

    BRAD Lab uses SONA as an online system to manage the lab participant pool and research studies. The system is administered by the Lab Coordinator. If you have any questions about using SONA, please contact the Lab Coordinator.

    Request an Account

    All researchers need a researcher account in order to post and manage their studies on SONA. Please email the Lab Coordinator your full name, affiliation, email address, and phone number. We will create an account for you.

    Posting Studies

    All studies posted on SONA must have an IRB approval code and study approval from the Lab Director. After you create a study on SONA and complete all required information for your study, the Lab Coordinator will review and make the approval. You will receive a notification email once your study has been approved.

    SONA ID Number

    All participants on our SONA pool receive a random five-digit number as their identification number on SONA. You can identify your participants on SONA with this SONA ID number only.

    No-Show Policies

    BRAD Lab has the policy to automatically deactivate any participant’s account who has three unexcused no-shows. In order to ensure this policy, please mark attendance after each of your study timeslots. Participants can be marked as “participated,” “excused no-show” and “unexcused no-show”. A participant who has three unexcused no-shows will not be able to sign up for any new studies. To reactivate the account again, the participant should contact the researchers of the studies that he/she missed. If you agree to forgive the unexcused no-show, please forward your decision to [email protected] in order to reactivate the account.

    Online Studies

    Researchers can conduct online surveys (Qualtrics) on SONA. The system can automatically grant credits to participants and prevent them from participating in the same survey more than once. Please contact the BRAD Lab Team if you have any questions.