Why Darden Executive Education?

EE Why Darden EE?

Why Darden Executive Education?

A career's worth of why.

Darden Executive Education calls for individuals and organizations who refuse to wait on opportunity to knock — instead introducing themselves first.

Your Why is Our Why.

The Darden mission mobilizes a sense of purpose to develop high performers tasked with the unpredictable demands of business leadership. Through a catalog of programs, certificates and development experiences, we train business minds to pursue their purpose in service of real-world, quantifiable impact that yields lifelong returns.

Why Darden Executive Education?

Total Development Approach

Total Development Approach

An Olympic rowing lesson can teach what a classroom can't — and vice-versa. Our unique approach combines innovative in-class and out-of-class experiences to rapidly increase whole-self transformation and career growth immediately applicable to Monday morning.

Intense Discovery Experiences

Intense Discovery Experiences

Our methodology — no lectures and no limits — uses real-world examples and simulations to put developing leaders into the middle of high-stakes business decisions, stewarding better leaders who see as much value in questions as answers.

Passionate Faculty

Passionate Faculty

Always just a coffee chat away, professors at Darden foster engaging, empowering environments that mirror real-world challenges leaders face daily. Curricula evolve with (or ahead of) business itself to produce applicable, lasting takeaways.

Exposure to Worldwide Opportunities

Exposure to Worldwide Opportunities

We work with organizations and schools around the world to develop programming for specific regions and industries. Coursework combines the expertise of Darden, our partners and the colleagues you'll learn alongside for an enriched educational experience.

Recent Global Partners

The Many Faces of a Modern Global Leader

To succeed, an organization’s leaders must be polymaths, outperforming their job descriptions and adapting to the moment. Our programs fortify teams for volatility by training them through the philosophy of a Modern Global Leader.

Modern Global Leader

Leadership Roles

An Empathetic Facilitator engages diverse perspectives to drive success from a clear point of view.

A Courageous Communicator inspires commitment to a vision, translates strategy, and influences through clear, compelling, resonating messages.

A Change Activist articulates desired goals and outcomes clearly, influencing the approach that others can adopt to achieve them.

An Active Collaborator acts a conduit for team productivity and open communication, motivating connections across functions, genders, cultures and generations.

Frontier Roles

A Digital Innovator is a cyber-savant, leveraging technological agility to innovate in the rapidly-evolving digital marketplace.

A Value-Driven Strategist is relentlessly focused on utilizing insights to create, capture and deliver value for all stakeholders.

A Growth Catalyst activates growth-oriented strategies to bolster development faster than, and differently from, their competitors.

An Analytic Risk Taker harnesses the power and insights of extensive data research to challenge industry limitations

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Darden Executive Education is provided by the University of Virginia
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