The Executive Education Experience

EE - The Darden Experience

The Executive Education Experience

Years worth of Darden in days

The Darden Executive Education experience is an accelerated environment designed to shift participants ahead of the curve and confront business challenges in climates as realistic as their origin. In as little as weeks, mid-career professionals develop a habit of purpose, adopting new approaches to sector-specific problems that elevate the classroom into a testing ground.

Our Five Pillars of Differentiation

  1. Spontaneous yet deliberate learning experience that promotes the development of an influential voice and fosters confidence in the face of uncertainty.

  2. Concentrated and purposeful intensity of experience that simulates the performance pressures of modern, global business.

  3. High intellectual and emotional engagement that creates a culture of mutual respect and positive intent.

  4. Commitment to immediacy and proximity to business practice.

  5. Dedication to leading lives of honor and purpose.

How You'll Learn

In Class

In Class
Aligning with the intensity of our world-renowned MBA Program, Darden Executive Education demands intention from the classroom experience. Engaging in a perpetual dialogue and lecture-free learning, mid-career professionals and executive leaders get the chance to push past their perspective and learn at the pace of business.

Out of Class

Out of Class
Homework could be anything from an open-ended, industry-focused discussion with classmates to a small-scale regatta on the Potomac. Executive education courses combine intellectual, interpersonal and team-building competencies to develop leaders at every level.


Professionals gain more than an immediate return on investment, inheriting a lasting approach to their work and the precise ability to identify opportunity in real business settings.

Who You'll Meet

Jeanne M. Liedtka

United Technologies Corporation Professor of Business Administration

Kimberly A. Whitler

Assistant Professor of Business Administration

Manel Baucells

Associate Professor

Darden Executive Education is provided by the University of Virginia
Darden School Foundation.