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Marty Speight

Marty Speight

Career Consultant

Marty holds a bachelor’s degree from UNC-Chapel Hill and received her MBA with honors from Darden in 1996. Prior to Darden, she worked for a number of software ventures, including a supply-chain/logistics firm. After graduation, she joined Coca-Cola in an operations role. She quickly transitioned back to high-tech, joining the startup iXL, an internet services firm, where she ran the Atlanta division and went on to a global operations role. While taking a career hiatus to start a family, Marty served as a consultant to Darden’s The Career Center, counseling students, teaching and managing projects. In 2007, she transitioned to Alumni Career Services as a coach where she has served the Darden community by supporting hundreds of alumni through transitions at every stage of career and touching wide-ranging roles and industries. Marty has been instrumental in the development of many ACS resources, including its web-based career management tools, blog content and career-focused workshops.

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