Landing the Job

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Interview Formats

Phone interviews are typically “screens” used to determine whether a candidate is worth in person interview(s). Use a landline if possible. Pause routinely to let your interviewer interject and avoid speaking over him/her. It is okay to have notes and/or your resume handy, but avoid scripting answers.

In a video interview, be sure that the background behind you projects a professional atmosphere. You will tend to talk to the image of the interviewer so be sure to line your screen up with your camera. Dress as you would in an in person interview, with added attention to color and shades – blues do well on video while reds can be too bright. Solids are least distracting.

Panel Interviews are used for efficiency and/or strategic collaboration and involve a group of interviewers at once. When you are in front of a panel, you need to speak to all of the interviewers. Take the time at the onset to engage with each interviewer. If necessary, write down the name of each person in the room so you can address them by name. Strive to be relevant to all the interviewers by considering each perspective in your preparation. After the interview send an individual and unique, if possible, thank you note/email to each participant.

Group interviews can be used by employers to evaluate candidates’ teamwork style, or lack there-of. A group interview tests multiple applicants together – sometimes with exercises or questions that require collaboration. Exhibiting creativity, confidence and effective leadership will help you positively stand out in the group. The key is to strike a balance between cooperation and listening to help steer the group to a solution.