Dominique Vincent

MBA ’04, Principal in the Global Strategy Group, Samsung Electronics



Dominique Vincent (MBA ’04) is a principal in the global strategy group at Samsung Electronics. He has 15 years of experience working in Europe, North America and Asia, advising C-level executives on growth strategy, development and execution, with a particular emphasis on global consumer-oriented companies in consumer electronics, fast-moving consumer goods, luxury goods and financial services. Vincent specializes in strategic planning and development, marketing strategy, organizational strategy, growth strategy, strategy implementation, organizational transformation, financial management, corporate restructuring, project management and leadership. He is based in Seoul, South Korea.

How did Darden help you prepare for your current position?

Darden exposed me to multitasking and working under intense pressure across multiple topic areas, and it provided me with the required global exposure and cultural awareness, especially to Asian culture. The School gave me the knowledge toolkit necessary to engage with senior executives on multiple issues, and allowed me to experiment and develop my own leadership style and increase my self awareness. 

What is a typical day like for you at work? 

8 a.m.: Arrive in the office and check/answer emails  
9 a.m.: Check in with my four project teams on their progress and issues we need to address 
10:30 a.m.: Meet with internal clients to discuss insights and key findings on one of our projects
12 p.m.: Lunch with a Darden alumnus who happens to be on a business trip in Seoul 
1 p.m.: Phone call with a prospective candidate to provide a perspective on working in Korea at Samsung  
2 p.m.: Internal team meeting to review presentation for chair's office and provide feedback  
4 p.m.: Review final presentation document and make last adjustments 
5 p.m.: Prepare for client meeting the next day 
6 p.m.: Take Korean language class 
7 p.m.: Leave the office  

What kind of impact would you like to make?

I'd like to impact the top and bottom line by providing best-in-class consulting advice and driving effect decision-making, while growing and developing young leaders and my teammates. 

Why did you choose Darden?

I liked the general management focus, as I wanted to be trained as a well-rounded manager. The case method — which is very hands-on, fits my way of learning and my need to be exposed to multiple examples — was also why I chose Darden. I wanted a collegiate environment with small class sizes to build good relationships with all my classmates, and I was impressed by the depth and breadth of the alumni network. Darden is also located in a small town, which appealed to me because I had spent my entire life in large cities.