How We work

  • United by purpose and a plan, District teams and UVA-PLE pave the way for students to succeed. 

    Our team is focused on customizing our partnerships to focus on what's most necessary in your context - the following is a sample timeline for our collaborative work. 

    1. Engage — Two months

      Together, we identify your district's strongest needs and highest-leverage opportunities.

      • 1 core assessment to understand your system conditions
      •  Multiple engagements to craft the vision and scope of work
    2. Design — Five to ten months

      We architect long- and short-term strategies to address district-specific challenges, outline sustainable change and prepare a learning lab of partner schools.

      •  4 days of system design courses through Darden School of Business Executive Education
      •  Multiple days of embedded, research-based leadership interviews to identify change-ready principals, district leaders and additional personnel
      • At least 1 on-site support visit to help structure your strategy and optional custom support to schools to accelerate their leadership advancement
      • Continuous on- and off-site collaboration to shape a strategy contextualized to your ambitions
    3. Activate — Year one

      School and district leaders immerse in a rigorous campaign to ignite school performance, leadership commitments and collective purpose.

      •  1 week of summer executive education for your selected leadership to advance their change leadership and address root issues
      • 3 days of winter executive education for leaders to iterate and adapt change efforts
      • At least 4 on-site support visits tailored to your focus areas and leaders' needs
      • 1 Principal Supervisor Summit to accelerate coaching opportunities and support schools
      • Year-round off-site support for strategic consultation and year two planning
    4. Adapt — Year two

      Leaders integrate the success of year one and adapt their approach toward new areas of sustainable improvement.

      • 3 days of summer executive education to synthesize the prior year's outcomes
      • 3 days of winter executive education to innovate on district successes and spread organizational learning
      • At least 3 on-site support visits to drive continuous improvement
      • 1 Principal Supervisor Summit to continue generating a community of senior leaders
      • Year-round off-site support to consolidate your learning and deepen its impact
    5. Extend — Year three (and beyond)

      Continuous improvement takes many shapes. 80% of our partners choose to extend their UVA-PLE partnership with sustainability, cabinet and/or new cohort support.