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Our Delivery Model

Transforming Education Collectively

When leaders enroll in our partnership, they are facing unprecedented challenges. Within three years, they see remarkable change not only in the school system and school’s performance but also in the outlook of every teacher and student they served. This is the power of UVA-PLE’s Core Partnership.

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Our delivery model is often adjusted to include bespoke services adapted to our partners needs. Through over two years of integrated executive education and on-site thought partnership, we partner with leaders to find solutions tailored to the individual needs of their districts and schools. We leverage our partners understanding of their contextual challenges and our body of knowledge of what matters most to transform schools. Thus, all our services are designed to build the collective capacity of local leaders to design a path forward that meets their stakeholder needs, particularly the needs of historically underserved students.

Our Journey of Transformation: A Story Through Engagement and Action

Each school district presents unique challenges. Through our distinctive approach - Engage, Design, Activate, Adapt, Extend - we have witnessed and facilitated remarkable transformations.

Let’s explore how this journey unfolds in real districts.

  • Engage: Laying the Foundation

    During the initial months, we delve deep into the heart of a district's needs. This phase involved on-site assessments and multiple engagements to craft a vision. This stage was about identifying high-leverage opportunities, understanding system conditions, and establishing the groundwork for a transformative strategy.

  • Design: Architecting Change

    We tailor-make strategies for each district's specific challenges. We conduct extensive system design courses and leadership interviews, preparing a 'learning lab' of schools. We provided on-site support to structure strategy, ensuring it resonated with the district's ambitions.

  • Activate: Igniting Performance

    The Activate phase, spanning the first year, is about immersion in action. A mid-sized district would experience this through an intensive campaign focusing on leadership commitments and school performance. This phase includes a week of summer executive education, multiple on-site visits, and strategic off-site support, all tailored to the district's specific focus areas and needs.

  • Adapt: Refining for Sustainability

    In the Adapt phase, districts integrate their first year's successes and evolve their approach. We facilitate summer and winter executive education sessions, multiple on-site support visits, and continuous off-site assistance. This phase is crucial in driving continuous improvement and spreading organizational learning.

  • Extend: Continuing the Journey

    Our Extend phase, an optional but often chosen path, represents our commitment to continuous improvement. We continue our partnership beyond the initial phases, providing ongoing support in sustainability, cabinet, and new cohort support. This phase is about solidifying the gains and ensuring the longevity of the improvements made.

Conclusion: Real Impact, Lasting Change

Each phase - Engage, Design, Activate, Adapt, and Extend - is vital in creating a sustainable, systemic change. From Louisiana to New Mexico, Delaware to California, and Texas, our approach has led to significant improvements in student outcomes, leadership development, and overall school performance, proving that with the right strategy, commitment, and support, educational transformation is indeed possible.

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