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UVA-PLE - Core Partnership - Our Rationale

Our Rationale

The Imperative for Change

UVA-PLE’s Core Partnership 

A multi-year partnership that leverages transformative executive education and tailored thought partnership to strengthen collective leadership capacity at every level. The Core Partnership is the only remaining K12 leadership development organization in the country with journal-level evidence of student impact. 

Typically, our educational systems do not create the conditions critical for schools and students to thrive - and when they do not the consequences extend far beyond the classroom walls. Most school systems do not serve students well, in particular, those born the furthest from opportunity. We must invest in transformational leadership practices and collaboration that create conditions for remarkable, equitable, scalable, and enduring educational excellence. 

At UVA-PLE, we recognize that the stakes are incredibly high in the realm of education. We envision an education system where equity and excellence is the norm, not the exception. This vision drives our approach, focusing on building leadership capabilities, redefining cultures, and reshaping instruction to be inclusive and effective for all. We're not just in the business of improving districts; we're here to transform school systems into environments where every student can thrive.


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