Managing Information for Analytics

Managing Information for Analytics

Live Virtual Course

Managing Information for Analytics

Delve into the many sources of data, and how to collect, store, and combine data for current and future needs.

Part of the three-program Data Science for Business Strategy series.


The third course in the Data Science for Business Strategy series, Managing Information for Analytics introduces the management and technology capabilities that are required to create and manage the information that powers modern data-savvy organizations.

Live virtual sessions will be Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:00–5:00p.m. EDT.

Presented by Darden Executive Education, UVA Data Science, and UVA McIntire School of Commerce
UVA Data ScienceUVA McIntire School of Commerce

Intended For

Team Leader, Senior Management, Executive


Data Science in Business

Available Dates

10-31 Aug 2021





3 weeks

Offered as part of a three-program series, Managing Information for Analytics is led by thought leaders from UVA Darden Executive Education, UVA Data Science and UVA McIntire School of Commerce, recognized as experts in data science techniques and tools, and the application of those in the modern business context. The other two programs in this series are:

Each program may be taken as a stand alone course, or you may take all three programs to gain a unique and comprehensive perspective on data science in business.

Program Overview

Understand the technologies and management frameworks that are essential for businesses and their leaders to compete and win through analytics and data science powered strategies. Through lectures, case studies, readings, group discussion, and technology demonstrations, you will gain familiarity with modern information management, and develop the confidence to lead your organization into the data-rich future. This program explores:

  • Importance of technology vision and strategy in the creation and management of information pipelines required in modern data-intensive businesses
  • Emerging and expanding technologies such as cloud, containerization, internet of things (IOT) and artificial intelligence and new models such as edge, SAAS and platforms
  • Big data technologies for analytics and operations, including traditional and new data management technologies including data warehouses and data lakes, and solutions from leading providers including AWS, Azure and Google Cloud
  • Considerations in designing architectures, managing organizations, and securing information as you lead your team or organization toward becoming an information-enabled digital business.

Session Topics

  • Designing Digital Business
  • Architecting Data Pipelines
  • Technology Trends: Cloud Computing
  • Technology Trends: Big Data & Analytics
  • Big Data Technologies that Enable Analytics Capabilities
  • Big Data Technologies that Support Operational Excellence
  • The Future: Big Data Architecture & Enterprise Analytics
  • The Future: AI & Automation
  • Digital Platforms
  • Integrating IoT in Business Operations

Impact & Outcomes

  • Develop a technology vision for your organization and determine which of the four operating models will help you meet your goals
  • Build omnichannel capabilities for seamless customer experiences
  • Maximize your cloud computing resources to ensure secure data pipelines
  • Understand how big data impacts people, process and technology, and enables predictive, descriptive and prescriptive analytics at the enterprise level.
  • Explore the various data management technologies and which could support your organization’s analytical needs
  • Understand the impact of AI on business and society
  • Integrate digital platforms into your strategy to expand your reach and influence
  • Understand the implications of adopting IoT technology and how to process the data produced by those devices


Designed for both business professionals who are looking to increase their knowledge of data science and how it can help them in their current roles, and business leaders who are looking to create data-savvy teams and improve the performance of their departments and the company overall.


The Managing Information for Analytics program counts as half of one credit toward a Darden Certificate in Management. Complete this program and earn three and a half additional credits for a total of four credits to earn your certificate.


Stefano Grazioli

Professor, General Faculty, Director, M.S. in the Management of Information Technology Program

Jingjing Li

Assistant Professor of Commerce

Raj-Venkatesan faculty-bio_1x1 thumbnail

Rajkumar Venkatesan

Ronald Trzcinski Professor of Business Administration


The program is conducted entirely online through live Zoom sessions and on-demand assignments and exercises.

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