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Rupert Freeman

Assistant Professor of Business Administration


FOB 252

Academic Area

Education: B.Sc., University of Auckland; Ph.D., Duke University

Rupert Freeman is an Assistant Professor in the Quantitative Analysis area. Prior to joining Darden, he received his Ph.D. in computer science from Duke University and was a postdoc at Microsoft Research in New York City. He teaches first-year courses in Decision Analysis. His research focuses on eliciting and aggregating information in areas such as probabilistic forecasting, resource allocation, and voting.


Rupert Freeman, David M. Pennock, Dominik Peters, Jennifer Wortman Vaughan. Truthful Aggregation of Budget Proposals (2021). Journal of Economic Theory, Vol. 193.


Working Papers

Jens Witkowski, Rupert Freeman, Jennifer Wortman Vaughan, David M. Pennock, Andreas Krause. Incentive-Compatible Forecasting Competitions.

Rupert Freeman, Nisarg Shah, Rohit Vaish. Best of Both Words: Ex-Ante and Ex-Post Fairness in Resouce Allocation.