Data Science Methods and Applications

Data Science Methods and Applications

Live Virtual Course

Data Science Methods and Applications

Discover the tools and techniques for analyzing data and how to use new insights to sharpen the execution of business and functional strategies.

Part of the three-program Data Science for Business Strategy series.


The second course in the Data Science for Business Strategy series, Data Science Methods & Applications introduces key data science terminology and techniques, and a process that leaders can incorporate into the work and workflow of their organizations.

Live virtual sessions will be Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:00–5:00p.m. EDT.

Presented by Darden Executive Education, UVA Data Science, and UVA McIntire School of Commerce
UVA Data Science   UVA McIntire School of Commerce


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Intended For

Team Leader, Senior Management, Executive


Data Science in Business

Available Dates

13 Jul - 3 Aug 2021





3 weeks

Offered as part of a three-program series, Data Science Methods & Applications is led by thought leaders from UVA Darden Executive Education, UVA Data Science and UVA McIntire School of Commerce, recognized as experts in data science techniques and tools, and the application of those in the modern business context. 

The other two programs in this series are:

Each program may be taken as a stand alone course, or you may take all three programs to gain a unique and comprehensive perspective on data science in business.

Program Overview

Discover the tools and techniques for analyzing data and how to use new insights to sharpen the execution of business and functional strategies. Through lectures, case studies, group discussion, and hands-on sessions, you will study real-world applications of data science techniques, culminating in a competition connecting analytics and business strategy. This program provides an introduction to the tools and technologies available to analyze and interpret data, and create the powerful insights leaders need to take action and lead their team with confidence. You'll explore:

  • Development of insights using data visualization techniques and tools such as Tableau
  • Analysis of data using techniques such as regression and classification and tools such as Excel, Python and Jupyter
  • Processes and workflows that guide business leaders and teams through the steps to address business challenges and opportunities using data and analytics
  • Managerial issues that are essential to consider as you deploy analytical insights within your team or organization

Schedule and Session Topics

Each day of the program will run from approximately 8:30am-5:00pm. Sessions include:

  • Data Visualization
  • Tableau Demonstration
  • Text Mining
  • Simulation: Connecting Strategy & Analytics
  • Machine Learning

Impact & Outcomes

  • Apply insights to address challenges or opportunities facing your own organization.
  • Understand how analytics and decision making are iterative processes, as each decision provides new data to analyze and interpret.
  • Consider the problems data can present and how to overcome them.
  • Discover innovative ways to address problems using data science techniques.
  • Understand the lifelong learning approach required to stay current on the application of data science methods for business problems due to the rapidly changing nature of the technological landscape.


Designed for both business professionals who are looking to increase their knowledge of data science and how it can help them in their current roles, and business leaders who are looking to create data-savvy teams and improve the performance of their departments and the company overall.


The Data Science Methods & Applications program program counts as one program toward a Darden Certificate in Data Science for Business Strategy. Complete this program and the other two qualifying programs to earn your certificate.


Raj-Venkatesan faculty-bio_1x1 thumbnail

Rajkumar Venkatesan

Ronald Trzcinski Professor of Business Administration

Eric Field

Eric Field

Director of Information Technology, UVA School of Architecture | Lecturer in Architecture

Brian Wright

Brian Wright

Assistant Professor, UVA Data Science and UVA Curry School of Education

Yael-Grushka-Cockayne_faculty-bio_1x1 thumbnail

Yael Grushka-Cockayne

Professor of Business Administration, Altec Styslinger Foundation Bicentennial Chair in Business Administration, Senior Associate Dean for Professional Degree Programs


The program is conducted entirely online through live Zoom sessions and on-demand assignments and exercises.

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