Leading for Sustainable Value: Governance Strategies for Boards and Executives

Leading for Sustainable Value: Governance Strategies for Boards and Executives

Better understand how to think about the governance of your enterprise, deal with pressing issues and challenging board dynamics, as well as navigate external pressures put on companies.

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Program Dates
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5 Feb 2024 - 1 Apr 2024
Live Virtual, Online
8 weeks

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Designed for busy senior executives and board members who need to navigate increasingly complex corporate activity, this live virtual program provides a forum for increasing your understanding of pressing issues that boards struggle with in the current business and political environment. You'll gain a cohesive perspective of effective corporate governance and develop actionable ideas for your own enterprise. Led by world-renowned Darden thought leaders in stakeholder management, strategy, and ethics — including Ed Freeman, Jared Harris and other faculty experts.

Live virtual sessions are held Mondays from 1:30-3:00pm EST.

Intended For

Executive, C-Suite


Advanced Management, Leadership

Through weekly virtual discussions, you'll gain tools to evaluate and plan long-term growth strategies and activities in ways that emphasize long-term stakeholder value and avoids political risks, while still taking clear positions that align with your values on important issues that affect your employees, investors, and community. Key topics for discussion include:

  • Long-term organizational interests
  • Investment choices and ESG
  • External expectations around corporate responsibility and value creation
  • Board dynamics and risk management
  • Responding to brand activism and external pressures
  • Finding innovative solutions to organizational challenges through active stakeholder engagement
  • Program Topics

    The program is hosted entirely online, featuring weekly sessions that run Mondays from 1:30-3:00pm EST. Weekly sessions include:

    • Changing role of the board and C-suite executives
    • Why the “silent G” will be the next frontier of effective board management
    • Governance of investment choices and ESG
    • ESG reporting and communication in the face of shifting standards
    • Board dynamics and risk mitigation
    • Responding to brand activism and external stakeholder pressure
    • Innovative solutions for solving big problems: leveraging stakeholder engagement
    • Key issues and Q&A session with a Darden Board Member
  • Impact & Outcomes
    • Better understanding of board dynamics and navigating board interactions
    • Increased understanding of fiduciary responsibilities
    • Enhanced skill at navigating corporate political (or politicized) activities, such as ESG investing etc.
    • Practice at responding to brand activism and external pressure
    • Increased focus on seeking innovative solutions for solving big organizational problems
  • Participant Profile

    Designed for C-suite leaders and board members who need to manage diverse boards and organizations in an increasingly politicized business environment.

Certificate in Leadership & Management

Earn Your Certificate

Leading for Sustainable Value: Governance Strategies for Boards and Executives counts as one program toward a noncredit Darden Certificate in Leadership & Management. Complete this program and three additional programs to earn your certificate.



Jared D. Harris

Samuel L. Slover Research Chair and Associate Professor of Business Administration


Yo-Jud Cheng

Assistant Professor of Business Administration

Richard B. Evans

Richard B. Evans

Professor of Business Administration, Donald McLean Wilkinson Research Chair in Business Administration


Scott A. Snell

Frank M. Sands Sr. Professor of Business Administration

R. Edward Freeman

R. Edward Freeman

University Professor; Elis and Signe Olsson Professor of Business Administration

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